Tissue (Short film)

A six minute film made in a 60 hour film competition about a drinker with a writing problem.

A one-character show with little dialogue, but a compelling voice over script making it seem almost Sin City-esk. Continue reading

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A Bearded Fella

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Disclaimer: This is by far the oddest, weirdest and most bizarre short story I have written… I apologise.

A Bearded Fella

Having a sit on the sofa of blue,
Sinking back and then I was through.
Engulfed by leather, I opened my eyes,
I noticed a world that was in disguise.

Wonderland, matrix, heaven or earth?
This is a place of unknown worth.
It was quite dark but I could see,
My 20/20 vision benefits me.

I could see ink pens moving across some parchment,
All by themselves – some kind of enchantment.
Fine desks made of oak,
And smelly books that almost spoke.

In an office, I looked outside,
Through the broken window, I stared and pried.
I saw a bearded fellow out there,
I think I had fallen into his lair. Continue reading

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Chinese Penhold (short film)

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What a glorious film.

Chinese Penhold premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

I thoroughly enjoyed this five minute gem. In the opening scenes it reminded me of the film Peaceful Warrior. Certainly carrying similar themes of self-competition and distractions in life.

It follows a man Jake Scribner (Jake Miller) whose underlying passion for competition clashes with his girlfriend who isn’t the nicest of people. Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor (Short Film)

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A short film exploring the dark effects of grief.

We follow a teenage boy, Jonah (Slade Pearce), who has become obsessed with his neighbour. The neighbour (Jaclyn Ferber) is a widow whose husband died in the war. She is grieving and begins to take a liking to Jonah.

Certainly mature subject matter and probably not material I can really relate to.

However, on a technical level, Love Thy Neighbour is fantastically made. The lighting and set design reflects the characters very well…. Continue reading

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It was a great concept, but it was just so weird! It was simply bizarre.

Scarlet Johansson plays the protagonist, Lucy, who is kidnapped and used as a drug mule. The new drug seeps into her system, which enables her to use more and more and more of her brain.

She is able to manipulate everything from pain tolerence to technology. She even pulls some solid Matrix moves.

It would have been a great as a short film… Continue reading

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Deliver Us from Evil

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Was this supposed to be a black comedy?

I had been told Deliver Us from Evil was on par with The Conjuring. But I honestly can’t say this was the case. It was a suspenseful, supernatural thriller, but not something that would keep you up at night.

Apparently based on ‘true events’ of a New York cop Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) who encounters demonic forces, the mysterious cases quickly become bizarre and laughable.

Reading up about the true events of this cop, I think the only ‘true’ parts that were used in the film was his name and characteristics. There’s an interview on Youtube where he says most of the “possessed” people he encountered turned out to have mental issues… Continue reading

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RIP Robin Williams


Actor Robin Williams, 63, has been found dead in his home. Cause of death is currently unknown, but a forensic examination will be carried out August 12. “The Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made.”


Good-Morning-Vietnam-15-4I am so upset to hear this news. Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poets Society are my favourites of Williams’ work. What a shame!

Good Morning Vietnam showed his incredible talent for improvisation. Most of the film was unscripted, with Williams playing the part of a DJ for entertaining the soldiers in the field.

Dead Poets Society featured a fantastic speech which was subsequently used in an Apple advert. He was truly a performer with various talents – from humour to drama. His voice is so recognisable and his performances were so realistic.

A hilarious comedian who will be sorely missed.




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