The Food Bill in NZ

Protests of NZ

Wellington’s protest over food bill

Well, what a kerfuffle! I officially lost faith in humanity when I heard about this; The Food Bill introduced to New Zealand.
In my sheltered world I was blissfully unaware that  this bill had gone global from the UK to Canada and most places in between. However, despite not having any contamination issues in this blessed country, the bill has reached our wee diddy island of plenty. Not. Cool. -_-

Imagine armed police breaking onto your property without a search warrant. Why? Not because you grow drugs or have stolen property in your possession, but because you grow organic produce and possibly sell it at the Sunday markets. Our human rights are endangered to the EXTREME, people! This Food Bill was rushed through parliament during the Christmas holidays after its first reading/revision in the July before so that it would not cause much attention – obviously it’s going to be controversial since many Kiwis have a veggie garden.

The NZ Food Bill (read it for yourself) states that anything from food, seeds, animal products such as milk and cheese as well as wine and water can be legally seized by police or any private citizen hired by the government – even the workers of Monsanto can pay you a visit.

“I don’t grow vegetables, so this doesn’t affect me”. Well, ACTUALLY it kind of does… See, look at the bigger picture here: private growers and suppliers can not sell you their produce and organic products you find in your local Pak n Slave or Foodtown will have to be registered  and strictly monitored by this ridiculous law. Therefore, imagine a world where you can only buy Government produced and regulated food with no labels necessary on any of the food = you could be eating genetically modified foods without being told so.

We are being controlled. As if this wasn’t a big brother world already, as Alex Jones has put it, it’s a “Nanny state on steroids”. This is seriously warped, dudes.

I don’t understand how this food bill could be possible… But in the same breath, nothing surprises me in this world run by the richest 1% of the population. Politics stinks, don’t you think? We have no rights anymore.

As Dewey Finn (Jack Black) said in the film “The School of Rock”: “The world is run by the man… Well, he’s everywhere – in the White House [and] down the hall… So don’t waste your time trying to make anything cool or pure or awesome. The Man’s just gonna call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul.”
I’m sure you can see how this applies… Rather loosely…  But hey, another film reference is Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”. More ants than grasshoppers, so why did the grasshoppers have more power? …Good question. But the ants won and took control because there were more of them that grasshoppers. So make the 99% of the population count! Stand up, ants! And get the government.. I mean GRASSHOPPERS out of power!! We are the 99 % and we want power. Not just over the food bill, but over all decisions – including our share of the ridiculous amount of money the 1% earns.

Keep up with controversial bills such as the Food Bill and other unfavourable Government decisions in New Zealand and around the world on the Disclosure website. Please sign the petition against the bill here.

Stand up! “There’s a war going on for your mind” – Flobots

Rant and rage by yours truly,



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