Unreported World – “Down & Out”

This is a short TV documentary from UK’s channel 4 about middle class Americans being evicted from their homes as they have been unable to pay their rent. The incredible part is that many of them hold up jobs, yet the wages are simply too low to sustain a house of their own.

— I’m afraid the youtube video of the doco has been deleted :( You shan’t be educated! —

So the worst part of this terrible ‘epidemic’, as it is being called, is that there are streets upon streets of boarded-up VACANT houses. I mean, the houses are right there! Rotting away. Yet, the banks refuse entry for families who could no longer afford them, even though they could not only use them, but maintain them. Soon the houses will be useless.

So the government is hiring more and more police officers via tax payers’ money to deal with the influx of homeless people who are sleeping on the streets. Yet, what are they doing to actually turn the situation around?? Most are not on benefits because they would have had to of lost a full time job – not a part time or casual job – to be eligible for payment.

Many men and women are sleeping on the streets or living in “tent cities” then getting up in the morning to line up for a shower and go to work with many of their employees being non-the-wiser about their lack of housing.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling. Middle class families on the street being treated as a nuisance rather than a major social issue in society. The banks/government should understand the situation, realise that if these people could pay their mortgage they would, and allow them to keep their houses until they can get back on their feet. I mean, empty houses are no more use to the banks than occupied ones.

On a lighter note, Ramita Navai is my absolute favourite reporter now. She definitely has my dream job.

Ramita Navai - homelessness in USA

Ramita Navai documenting the rapid increase in homelessness throughout America

A wake-up call for anybody blinded to this kind of hypocrisy.



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One Response to Unreported World – “Down & Out”

  1. Steve says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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