Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

This scene has the best speech of all time

Director: Martin Brest
Writer: Based on Ibuio e il miele by Giovanni Arpino
Released: 1992
Featuring: Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell

Getting this film in a “two for $20” sale I was cautious, particularly because the front cover showed a rather dated looking image and the title sounded a tad creepy. However, the names of ‘Al Pacino’ and ‘Chris O’Donnell’ gave great hope.

And they were right. Scent of a Woman is an incredibly fascinating film to watch repeatedly because of the script, which is deep and meaningful to say the least.

Colonel SladeAl Pacino’s character – referred frequently to as The Colonel – is a blind man who appears to be as mad as a dog at his first screen appearance! But he is such an interesting character I almost wish he were real. He tells stories about what happened to him in the army and can tell what a person is like before he has even spoken to them.

Chris O’Donnell’s character is Charlie and he is hired as Colonel Slade’s aid for a thanksgiving weekend. He is dragged to New York with him, but learns a thing or two along the way for sure!

Scent of a Woman reminds me a lot of Driving Lessons (and many other films including The Intouchables and You’re Not You): Old person drags young person to a far away place because they only know the theory of life rather than actually living. Then the young person finds out that the old person has big secrets and has had a hard life, yet they’re very knowledgeable.

Driving Ferrari

The major down point to Scent of a Woman is the music, however. It does not seem to go with the overall tone of the film. Perhaps it is attempting to be more meaningful than the scene is… I’m not too sure. But something doesn’t quite mix there. Having said that, the music for when the characters are in the school setting is actually fits well and I enjoyed that.

My favourite scene is EASILY the tango scene. The Colonel and Charlie are sitting in a restaurant when The Colonel ‘senses’ a lone woman behind them… That sounds weird… But it is a fantastic scene, don’t worry.

So they talk to her and The Colonel discovers she has always wanted to learn the tango, so he teaches her. The choice of song is now on my iTunes wishlist for sure; Por una cabeza by Carlos Gardel.

I have decided my favourite genre of film is a black comedy drama. If it is not a genre, it is now! It involves films such as Driving Lessons, Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Up In Air, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Series of Unfortunate Events and most certainly Scent of a Woman.

There are some wicked lines in this film. One that stands out:

Colonel: “Are you blind?!”
Charlie: “No of course not”
Colonel: “Then why do you keep grabbing my arm? I take your arm.”

And of course The Colonel’s catch phrase: “Hoo ah!”

This film is certainly a must watch!! I loved it!

Jodie’s rating: 8.5/10

In case you’re interested – the speech.


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  1. Yjsy od s brtu hppf trbore.
    Col Slade. Hoo ha!

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