Twilight Saga VS Roswell TV series

Twilight VS Roswell

Wow! So guess what I’ve been watching and totally thought it was extremely similar to a certain film series…

That’s right! After watching the Twilight Saga films which were written by Stephanie Meyer during 2005-2008 (which has created multi-millions in recent years) I realised that it is rather similar to the Roswell series which debuted in 1999 with the final episode airing in 2002.

Let me explain further. I am no “twi-hard”, nor am I a “twilight hater”. I do not enjoy the storyline, the actors or characters within the Twilight films. However, I do watch them because I enjoy the fantasy element and the behind the scenes of how the films were made – as I believe they are made rather well.

I have also enjoyed the Roswell series… Or at least the first series when the storyline is introduced. I have recently returned to the Roswell DVDs I own (post-Twilight)  and the similarities are staggering.

Not only are both series set highschool, but their characters have a remarkable likeness. Bella and Liz are both smart, biology-loving, emotion-lacking highschoolers who stumble upon a ‘being’ previously thought to be fictional.

It was quite a shock after I watched Roswell and realised that Twilight is not such a unique idea after all…

For example:

Roswell’s protagonist: Elizabeth (Liz) Parker
Twilight’s protagonist: Isabella (Bella) Swan

Both brown hair brown eyed.
Both enjoy science.
Both meet their freaky boyfriends in BIOLOGY CLASS

Bella (Kristen Stewart)

Liz (Shiri Appleby)

Freaky alien boyfriend: Max Evans
Freaky vampire boyfriend: Edward Cullen

Both monotone, intense and emotionless.
Both have brown hair and brown eyes.

Edward (Robert Pattinson)

Max (Jason Behr)

Max Evans has a blonde ‘sister’ named Isabel Evans
Edward Cullen has a blonde ‘sister’ named Rosalie Hale. Both have a chilly disposition against the protagonist. Both are sassy, strong and take care of their looks.

Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed)


Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl)

Both have a family or clan of similar beings.

Vampire clan of teenagers Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper
Alien family of teenagers Max, Michael and Isabel
All of whom are not believed to be blood related and each have individual powers.

Twilight characters

Roswell characters

So, what am I saying? I am saying that there are similarities. I’m saying that a lot of money has been made out of something that is not wholly original. I’m not saying Twilight is bad. Just unoriginal. Which is a little disappointing considering the amount of money that has been made from it.

But will there be original work anymore? Really.
I mean Harry Potter is remarkably like Star Wars. I’m sure you can think of more.
But perhaps I’ll blog about that one another day.

Potter Wars

Is this worth getting worked up about? Or should we just enjoy it?
Just because you can’t be first at something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Otherwise you’ll never do anything. (Wise words… Thanks Dad.)



Jodie’s take on the first of the Twilight films:


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16 Responses to Twilight Saga VS Roswell TV series

  1. Anastacia says:

    All things are from something else, a story, a legend, goodness even the bible – all ideas no matter how ‘original’ its creator thinks it is, is plagiarized from somewhere else. either from something they read in a news paper in passing, the plot of an old movie or hearing something down the pub! What is original is how you then interpret that information, the new twist on an old story, a new character or even setting – love your blog!!

  2. This is a great comparison, one I would not have thought of. I agree with Anastacia above though – everything comes from somewhere. I just never thought to think of these two together.

    • nzfilmfreak says:

      Thank you! :) Unfortunately, just like the conclusions I drew in this post, I am not the first to point this comparison out. I thought I was though! But it turns out a few people have beaten me to it. Haha! Nevermind!

      Glad you enjoyed it. Anastacia did have very good points.

  3. says:

    thank you for posting this the only reason i found your post is because i was watching Roswell on netflixs and though omg i have not seen this show in ages twilight ripped it off

  4. Brittney says:

    Yeah except max Evans is hotter :) i only wish roswell came out later maybe then it would have had more seasons then 3 especially now since twilight. I watched roswell when I was younger. My dads a huge syfy fan do he’d let me watch it on the weekends. I love roswell more and now that its on Netflix I’m a over it. So much better then twilight .

  5. tanz mim says:

    ummm… i beg to differ on one point:
    liz met max first in the crashdown cafe when he saved her life after she got shot. they met for the second time in bio class.
    also max was not emotionless, he was guarded because of liz’s them boyfriend kyle.

    • Jodie says:

      Fair enough – good points there

    • Anonymous says:

      They (Max and Liz) grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, and were in the same classes, so they kind of ‘knew’ each before the crash down cafe. He first saw her when they were kids and she wore a dress that her mom gave her.

  6. Mary says:

    Awesome post! Another copycat is the TV show Vampire Diaries. XD

    • jamicha says:

      Not really. Both series were based on books. Roswell High was published in 1998 while The Vampire Diaries books were published in 1991. It’s just that the Roswell series were made first (1999) and The Vampire Diaries were only made later. I haven’t read Roswell high. I’ve read TVD and I admit that they didn’t follow the books that much but Roswell and TVD are VERY VERY DIFFERENT. Maybe if you watch it, you will see the differences.

  7. jamicha says:

    I was so relieved to read about this. I watched Roswell a year before Twilight and loved it so much. I finished the whole series in a month (I think.) Last week, I was rummaging through my things and saw my Roswell dvd’s and then I realized that Twilight and Roswell had a lot of similarities, and I don’t even have anyone to discuss it with because no one I know personally knows Roswell. And I thought I was alone in this. Haha. Truthfully, I liked them both but not in the same level. I like Twilight books and I also like the movies but Roswell is like more badass! Maybe if Roswell is remade today, it will be better. IMO. :)

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