Inspired and Distraught

I can’t believe that the rights of protesters are being completely ignored! Actually, what am I saying? Of course I believe it. Violence and exploitation by the few that are powerful over  the 99% is rather common today.

This is a video I stumbled across on YouTube about how the US government is going on about how the people of Egypt and Syria are in protest because they’ve had enough of how they’re being treated and how their rights are being ignored.

Meanwhile, OCCUPY NEW YORK is experiencing the same issues! Their Rights are not being read to them, police  are physically assaulting protesters, and nothing is being changed by the Government for the people! Right under their noses!! It’s insane!

Occupy New York is still ALIVE AND WELL despite it’s lack of media coverage. Watch their live news feed here:

I wish I was there to help the uprising against the 1%.



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I am a journalism graduate (2014) from New Zealand. I enjoy writing on my blog about films and songs, plus the odd random thought. Currently working as a writer in UK. Follow me on Twitter @NZFilmFreak and like my Facebook page NZ Film Freak. Follow my travels around the world
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