The Wedding Singer

Drew Barrymore (Julia) and Adam Sandler (Robbie) make a perfect on-screen couple! They go on to do the film 50 First Dates a few years later.

Director: Frank Coraci
Writer: Tim Herlihy
Released: February 1998
Featuring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Christine Taylor

This film is the eighties equivalent of the sixties-based The Boat That Rocked, so yes, it is very funny and has an awesome soundtrack!!

Adam Sandler plays Robbie Hart the wedding singer who is very talented and loves his job until he loses faith in love. “Love Stinks” is probably the most memorable song in the entire movie which is covered by Sandler who has a surprisingly good voice!! The Love Stinks scene is my favourite scene, not because he is at the depths of heartbreak, but because his anger becomes pretty hilarious…

I think if Adam Sandler had carried on doing the more tasteful films like The Wedding Singer, I would be a fan of more of his movies… It’s a shame that this is the only film I own with him in it.

Wedding-Singer-drewJulia is the sweet girl-next-door type played by Drew Barrymore. Julia is such a cool character who is marrying the wrong guy; Glenn Gulia who is arrogant and rude. That is until she starts “spending more time with this other man… Robbie Hart” who is, to her mother’s disappointment… just “the wedding singer”.
Drew Barrymore has never looked more innocent with short blonde hair, this character shows her versatility as an actress since I always imagine her to be a bolshy and over-confident person in real life.

The-wedding-singer11So this film is probably my favourite rom-com of all time because it has a dry sense of humour, but above all it has a soundtrack which I absolutely love! Literally the best of the eighties… But the sixties still rule…
Like all classic rom-coms, stereotypes and inevitable story lines fall into place, but the incredibly accurate fashion trends and set designs – at the very least – will keep you entertained and/or reminiscing!

I am now on the hunt for blue mascara…
Jodie’s rating: 8/10

Sorry guys, this official trailer pretty much gives away the entire plot.. But still worth a watch!


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4 Responses to The Wedding Singer

  1. Popeye says:

    One of my favourite films. Cheers!

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