Snow White and the Huntsman

Director: Rupert Sanders
Writers: Based upon Snow White by Brothers Grimm
Released: June 2012
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin

I don’t think you can really read too much into this film. At the end of the day it is based on a simple fairytale, but it is an action-packed and exciting take on it. Quite a bit of violence, which was more realistic than I thought it would be, with battle scenes that were very captivating.

I know everyone, including myself, went to see it secretly to criticise Kristen Stewart’s performance. It wasn’t bad, but it was obvious that she was not the ideal Snow White. She had very little dialogue, and when she did speak, her typically emotionless facials were replaced by concentration, probably focussing on her English accent.

I have to say, I thought Snow White would have been more feminine and smiley… I don’t know if she wasn’t because of Stewart’s portrayal of her, or because the makers wanted to portray a more dark and gothic version of Snow White.

This kind of Snow White reminded me of Katniss from The Hunger Games – a strong, feminine warrior. But every production company has got to make their money somehow, right? And what better way than to use the Twilight star.

I thought they would choose a more unknown actress for Snow White (like Tim Burton did for the protagonist in Alice In Wonderland). Turned out I was right, this was considered at the beginning. I hadn’t heard of Felicity Jones before the likes of Cemetery Junction, but after seeing this photo of her… wouldn’t it have been an no-brainer to cast her!?


The evil stepmother/Queen played by Charlize Theron was another casting decision I don’t think was a bad choice exactly… But she was a tad theatrical at the beginning, which don’t get me wrong, is probably appropriate. But it was almost too much.

It reminded me of Anne Hathaway’s sickly sweet performance as the White Queen in Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

The seven dwarves were great. Although I do wish their names were like the well-known Disney version (Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful and Grumpy, which became Beith, Coll, Duir, Gort, Muir, Nion, and Quert).


However, it did dawn on me during the film that the genre of this interpretation is totally different, therefore the less comedic angle was adopted.

Having been so critical so far, I have to say that I did enjoy this film. The visual effects were incredible. The Mirror Man leaked out of the mirror like metallic silk… It was solid yet liquid, which was super cool.

The dark forest was pretty awesome too which was convincingly contrasted with the sanctuary where the dwarves lived.

This is a film worth seeing. The stunts (and stunt horses) were fantastic, the animation was insane and yet, the original Snow White story was still there.

My expectations of a flailing and weak Snow White with a strong love story was totally not what the film was. It is The Hunger Games meets Alice In Wonderland (2010) with strong characters, violence and action. A fairytale for the modern tween.

Jodie’s rating: 6.5/10

PS: I can’t help but say that if you look closely at the close ups of Kristen riding the grey horse bareback, you can tell she is sitting in a saddle with her dress draped over it.
PP.SS: As my friend mentioned to me during the movie, I was also disappointed that the dwarves were not riding miniature horses.

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9 Responses to Snow White and the Huntsman

  1. Popeye says:

    Thanks to you I shall be seeing this film this weekend. Cheers! Two thumbs up.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Wasn’t expecting much from this film myself, was dragged along, but like you ended up enjoying it dispite my best intentions!! Good review!

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