The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Director: Chrisopher Nolan
Written: Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. Characters created by Bob Kane
Released: July 2012
Starring:  Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman

Perhaps my expectations were simply too high. I loved the 2008 The Dark Knight so much that I expected this film to be equally as captivating and shocking… Just in a different way due to the obvious absence of Heath Ledger… *sigh*.

The Joker was way more scary, more funny and much more shocking than ‘Bane’.

Of course it was epically shot with fantastic sets, lighting, special effects, stunts and characters – kudos to Mr. Nolan who is a fantastic film maker with Inception and The Prestige being my two of my favourite movies of his…
It’s just the storyline of The Dark Knight Rises sucked a bit…

Now, I know many people who have seen the film will be up in arms about what me thinking badly of this Batman film, and the people who haven’t seen it will be gob-smacked and shaking their heads. But seriously, if you just ignore all the “10 out of 10” and “better than the previous film” comments and take away your high expectations that will probably blind you into thinking that it is epically incredible… You will see that it wasn’t – at least not in every way. This is why:

I go to see superhero films because I like to see super people acting heroically. However, I found that for the majority of the film, Batman was in a spot of bother with no foreseeable  way of escape. It just got depressing watching Batman being defeated right until the end pretty much… I mean, it’s called a three-act structure because there are ups and downs that keep the audiences’ attention. It just seems that the hero’s journey was going increasingly downhill from the beginning.

Also, Batman’s enemy, Bane, is a masked man who sounds like he has an amplifier attached to his belt which, although it was creepy, his voice kept distorting and I missed quite a few lines.
Plus, the fact that his name was “Bane” began to sound like “Wayne” (as in Bruce Wayne) and they were talking about being in ‘pain’ a lot too, so the rhyming didn’t help the understanding of the characters. Christian Bale’s Batman voice gets on my nerves too… Sometimes I just couldn’t take him seriously.

I have to say I was extremely concerned about Anne Hathaway being Catwoman! However, she certainly stole the show – the Cat Burglar was incredible. Good on Anne Hathaway for her performance.

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were obviously flawless, that barely needs to be mentioned; they’re both very well established and respected actors for good reason.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was terrific too – I’m sure we will see more of him in the following Batman films.

I only know people who thought this film was fantastic. Having said that, every one of them could think of at least one major thing that they would change in film.
I’m afraid I will have to break the mould and not give full marks to this very well made film.

It’s worth seeing, but don’t get your hopes up.
Jodie’s rating: 6/10

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11 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

  1. Popeye says:

    This Batman film Sucked. Hated the Darth Vader voice of Bane the pain. Plus the last few minutes of the film were stupid. There’s one minute 30 seconds to save the city and Batman still has time for a hug and kiss while the seconds tick away. Great for the kids….

  2. claratsi says:

    Without hesitation, TDKR gets full marks from me. You’re right to compare Bane and The joker, that wasn’t going to be topped but for me it’s equal in many ways. My review went into deeper depth on this point. For batman to ‘rise’ he needed to be taken down to his lowest point becoming truly heroic again, enduring as Alfred says. TDKR went bigger deeper and more epic on important themes and delivered on many of the plots raised in begins, coming full circle. I have seen it twice now and second watch it i actively tried to compare it to TDK, and it equals it for me, just not in the villain stakes, clearly. Bales batman voice has been the same in all of the films. I loved TDK and loved TDKR.

    • nzfilmfreak says:

      Awesome, yeah thank you for your comment. My reviews tend to be quite short and sweet so, you’re right, there’s not a lot of detail. But I will check out your review. Glad you enjoyed the movie.
      Thanks! Connie.

  3. Anastacia says:

    I was really looking forward to this film, being a fan of both the director & the actors, but as is so often the case with the last in a trilogy, it was a bit err…ok, we were promised a going out with a bang, but got a bit of a pop, yes I agree the filming was great, with brilliant special effects, but the story was a little flat for the final one from this team, yes I get the whole ‘rising’ thing, but there could have been…just more…. the wrap ups were ok, was it real was it wishful thinking, will he won’t he (JGL) what’s going to happen.. the new characters were surprisingly entertaining, I didn’t even mind Bane, I found his voice comical & even a bit camp! Some characters were gone in a flash & in the end I just didn’t get that whole edge of the seat, heart in the mouth feel I had hoped for, it was a great piece of entertainment, I just wanted more..greedy be-atch!! Great review, nice to get another view point.

  4. claratsi says:

    Hi there,
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