The Blair Witch Project


Directors: Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
Writers: Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
Released: January 1999

I literally did not sleep last night.

I remember seeing snippets of this film when I was about 11, but I had not remembered how effective the horror aspect of it was! It is the best horror/psychological thriller I have seen in a very long time.

blairmissingThree film makers go missing in the woods while covering the legend of the Blair Witch that supposedly haunted the area. The film makers were never found again, but their footage was, which makes up this film.

Pretty simple plot line with amateur filming which is very convincing! The idea of this horror is that the less you see the more your imagination runs a riot. You never actually see any witch or any sort of witch craft or supernatural beings, but the sounds and supposed actions of the Blair Witch is more than enough to keep you on edge.

Reading a bit about the making of this film is quite interesting. 2000 actors auditioned and the three actors with the best improvisational skills got the parts. The actors got a very loose script to work with, and to get into to character the cast were taken hiking and camping in the woods, depriving them of food and harassing them at night by the crew.

blairwitchproThe acting is well done, with Heather being the main character as she uses the camera (and talks) the most. She is certainly an annoying character who is a total know it all, but apparently that was intentional – perhaps to keep the audience in a false sense of security as she seems convinced that at no point are they ever lost. The other two actors are fantastically convincing and natural too.

A scary story to say the least. The further toward the end it gets, the more terrifying it becomes. The final shot is still freaking me out. Considering this was all done with handy cams and mostly improvised, makes this film a more effective horror.

So awesome!!

Jodie’s rating: 8/10

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