My Favourite Scene: Saving Private Ryan


Saving Private Ryan (1998) “…and I find that marvellous.”

I had first heard of Edith Piaf when I saw Inception (Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien). She is a famous French singer from the twenties through to the sixties, and I adore her music.

Since learning about her songs, this scene in Saving Private Ryan jumped out at me. It is a bonding scene between the soldiers that begins with a conversation about Piaf’s song (Tu es Partout), like most of my other favourite scenes, it’s slower paced and one of the quieter moments of the movie.

I just really enjoy one of the more sensitive soldiers translating the song to the others.



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6 Responses to My Favourite Scene: Saving Private Ryan

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  2. Txsecededave says:

    Thanks for this, love that song and that scene.

  3. juloM says:

    I understand you, i’m French and all american movies here is dubbing in french, this is really popular and professional, I hear about Edith Piaf in Saving Private Ryan Movie, this is an awesome movie

  4. Shahbaz says:

    A spirit atrraction song…blastttt

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