Agophobia (short film)

AGOPHOBIA_POSTER_HS-1Director: Benjamin Ross Hayden
Producers: Benjamin Ross Hayden, Fred Alapat, and Plainsight Pictures
Written for the screen by: Benjamin Ross Hayden and co-written by Tyler Hayden
Music by: Chris Tenz
Starring: Kevin Fraser
Genre: Sci-fi

This short film is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

There are some small thematic similarities to the likes of The Matrix and Avatar. But this is actually an original, thought-provoking, metaphorical and emotionally-charged representation of what I perceive to be our dependant and warped relationship between nature and technology.

This movie is pretty ambiguous, you can read into it as much or as little as you wish. I’m sure different themes, concepts and interpretations could be picked up by every viewer.

24_hsYou can’t fault Agophobia. The visuals, the imagery and the graphics are incredible – almost looks 3D.
It’s dark and complex, but ultimately, Agophobia is amazing art, with talented actors, writers, visual effects and camera work.

The music fits very well indeed; supports the film perfectly. Almost like you could close your eyes and still understand the story.

Agophobia has already been accepted into several festivals, including:
– 66th Cannes Film Festival – Court Metrage
– 37th Montreal World Film Festival – (F.I.A.P.F accredited film festival)
– 17th FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival (Oscar-qualifying)
– 9th Monterrey International Film Festival

1_hsIf anything, this film is inspirational to anybody interested in visual effects or make-up/costume. It also sets the standard for anybody hoping to enter the short film industry.

Agophobia will be available online once it has finished its festival circuit – in the meantime you can exclusively see the film Trailer here:
password: Transhuman

Or email for interest in film on a private basis.

Keep track of Agophobia here:
Twitter: AgophobiaFILM

Impossible to rate. This spectacular short film is something you need to judge for yourselves.

The best of luck in the film festival circuit, team!! :)

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