Tamla Rose (Indie film)

small_tamla_rose_poster2Director: Joe Scott
Writer: Joe Scott
Released: December 2013
Production company: Ace Film


Tamla Rose is a pleasant reminder of what a dedicated independent film crew can produce.

This feature-length film is about three aspiring singers who transition from back-up singers for an ego-driven solo singer, to taking centre-stage as a successful trio in their own right. The group, which perform Tamla Motown-type music, experience personal struggles and conflicts as their egos inflate.

The Commitments

The Commitments

Tamla Rose initially reminded me of the 1991 film The Commitments, with its young wannabe-musicians and the strife they go through as they fight for fame.

However, the originally upbeat and energetic tone of Tamla Rose quickly resembles a Spice Girls-like film… Which is fine if you like the Spice Girls.

Lacking the grittiness and raw talent shown in The Commitments, Tamla Rose is a clean-looking 2D insight to the cut-throat industry of producing bands.

The film is sprinkled with original songs that unfortunately appear to be badly synced, yet the tracks are enjoyable and well produced. The filmmakers clearly knew what they were doing when it came to recording the catchy songs.

The composition of the shots were well thought out and there is a clear, linear storyline. The acting was believable and well-cast with Adi Alfa, Alexandra Johnson and Tisha Merry playing the leads. A huge shout-out is also needed for the hair stylist, Sarah Gannon.

Overall, it is an enjoyable film that bounces along quite nicely considering all the young talent involved. However, it could be even better with less dialogue, a little less music and shorter scenes. It’s a fantastic accomplishment nonetheless, and worth watching for the soulful music.

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4 Responses to Tamla Rose (Indie film)

  1. Steve says:

    Hi. How can I see Tamla Rose?

  2. Rod boyd says:

    Released in UK. More countries to follow soon…

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