Wild Girl Waltz (Indie film)


From left, characters: Angie, Brian and Tara

Director: Mark Lewis
Writer: Mark Lewis
Released: 2013
Starring: Christina Shipp, Samantha Steinmetz, Jared Stern, Brad Hemsath, Scott Lewis, Kim Barlow, Kim Gordon, Alexander Cook, Julian Lowenthal and Sean McDonald

This cast and crew deserve applause!

This is a comedy about the adventures of two girls, Angie (Christina Shipp) and Tara (Samantha Steinmetz), who pop some unknown pills to escape boredom in their small town.

Brian (Jared Stern), Tara’s boyfriend, comes home to find the girls high. Brian ends up ‘babysitting’ them and we follow their crazy and hilarious journey through the town.

A0006The script is actually really genuine and funny. Talking in depth about colours and other irrelevant and random subjects.

Brian provides a great balance in the film. We are seeing what is happening through his eyes, rather than the story turning into a ‘Dumb & Dumber‘ kind of deal.

Some of the scenes, particularly the montages, could be edited down to make them snappier and keep the comedic pace.

FS0018The acting is certainly believable. The delivery of the dialogue is so genuine in most cases.

The reaction of Angie getting doused in milkshake was great. Also, Brian’s (Jared Stern) conversation about how the girls’ got a pie after leaving them alone for just a few minutes, were all very memorable moments. Very well portrayed!

Actually the ‘pie’ scene where the girls have to hide their drug induced high in front of Mrs. Wolvertine, a church-group friend or Tara’s mum, was hilarious. It was so awkward, but so natural!

Mrs. Wolvertine: [to Angie] Remind Tara if she forgets, will you dear?
Angie: Actually, there is no way I can carry that kind of responsibility…
*sprints over to the truck and throws herself on the flatbed*

The rest of this scene will have you in stitches.

*Brian gets into the car and looks over at Angie with a pie on her lap*
“…where the f*** did you get a pie?”

His facials were so blank yet so confused, it just made that line so funny.

I think it would have been cool to have a few scenes through the eyes of Angie and Tara, or even just a few flashes of their perception.

P0005The photography is pretty good! There were a few shots that could have had better composition. But for the most part, the film is well shot and the audio is clear.

It felt like the cast were completely comfortable, like they were just hanging out with friends. This gave the whole movie a really natural tone, allowing the funny material to come easily.

I was expecting to see a bit more of a character development or a more obvious moral by the end. But a fun film nevertheless!

Well done!

Check out the trailer HERE

Just as a side note: Samantha Steinmetz reminds me of Vera Farmiga

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