Flo-Rida & Ke$ha – Right Round (†∆$ Remix)

RR_remix_art-1Flo-Rida’s cover of Dead or Alive’s 1980 dance-floor filler You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), was pretty good – a modern take on a high energy crowd-pleaser. Flo-Rida’s version was a new take on this club classic.

The original was featured on the fun ’80s-based film, The Wedding Singer, and the cover featured on Pitch Perfect. (Both versions were very well utilised in these comedies.)

But Thomas Sturges’ remix of what was a fantastic rendition of a great song, and has put a whole new spin on it.

His dub-step / club version has taken the song in a different direction. His remix of Flo-Rida’s track should be released by the singer’s label. Yes, it’s that good. I reckon it’s much better than Flo-Rida’s version.

Thomas Sturges has, with this remix, proved himself to be a music producer.

In his mix you can hear Flo-Rida’s unmistakable vocals, but instead of a ramble of words, it has become an echoed and vibrant verse.

I can’t fathom how Sturges actually achieved his remix. It must have taken hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if his version gets snapped up by a record company.

Well done, Thomas.

Check the remix out on SOUNDCLOUD. Follow Thomas on TWITTER.


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1 Response to Flo-Rida & Ke$ha – Right Round (†∆$ Remix)

  1. Steve says:

    That’s a great mix.

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