Pokey LaFarge Comes to Town


I had the best night of my life so far on Tuesday, March 18.

Pokey LaFarge is a ragtime/jazz band whose sound is like no other. Their thirties-based, feel-good music is absolutely incredible, you can’t help but dance and smile.

I knew about these guys months ago, I heard ‘Hard Times Come, Hard Times Go’ on an advert and looked them up. Although, it was their song ‘Pack It Up’ which got me hooked.

I emailed their manager and asked if they would be coming the New Zealand any time soon, because they are now my favourite band and I quite simply have to hear them live. The reply was, to my disappointment, saying it may happen one day but there were no official plans in place.

However, by Christmas I found out they were to play a gig in Auckland.

You can’t imagine my excitment.

When that Tuesday finally rolled around, I was so excited that I decided to get to the venue two hours before the doors opened. I could hear them practising and even caught a glimpse of some of the members!

The total grandiloquent moment that happened next was unexpected to say the least.

Pokey LaFarge noticed me outside and we chatted for ages! Well. 15 minutes. We even got a photo together! He told me about his travels and how he’s really just “a writer at heart”.


To put it into perspective, this was like a tween girl hanging out with Justin Beiber… I know. Incredible, right!?

He asked me what song was my favourite and I said “Pack It Up!” He replied, “Ooo. I may have to practice that one for yah!”

IMG_1864Their set was a gorgeous up-beat hybrid of jazz, blues and ragtime I was dancing and clapping and screaming the entire time.

TJ, the trumpet player, is a talented man to say the least! Gave me chills! He asked if I took swing lessons… He noticed us dancing in the front row!

Ryan, the percussionist, was fascinating to watch. It looks like he gets completely emerged and lost in the music. So awesome. I’m gutted I couldn’t find him after the gig!!

The clarinet and saxophone player is Chloe. I have to be honest, she made me regret giving up learning the clarinet when I was 9… I’m going to dig it out now that I know it is possible for it to sound that amazing!

The highlight was when Pokey said that this next song is dedicated to a “Kiwi named Jodie Hart”. I just died. On the spot. I do remember blurting out an inaudible “blaaaaa… That’s me!”. The song was Pack It Up. It was the single most incredible moment ever.


After the energetic gig, I met up with Pokey again. He signed the song list (that I subtly retrieved from the stage after the set) and told me to keep writin’!

I asked the bouncer if I could sneak past him to meet Joey (double bass), Adam (guitarist) and TJ, he said no. So the only logical thing was to look like I was about to turn away, but then skip past him. He laughed though, so no harm done. I did feel like quite a rebel though…

Everybody was easy to talk to. They are such interesting and talented people who look awesome in thirties attire.

What an unforgettable evening! How will I ever beat that night…

Thank you to the Pokey Lafarge band!

…I’m going to go ahead and take the title of “biggest fan”.

About NZ Film Freak

I am a journalism graduate (2014) from New Zealand. Currently working in marketing, and writing fiction in my spare time. I love to write about movies on this blog when I can. I also do paid reviews and voiceovers via Fiverr (nzfilmfreak).
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3 Responses to Pokey LaFarge Comes to Town

  1. Popeye says:

    Got to say I love Pokey’s music. They sing, play real instruments and are jolly good fun!

  2. Florence W says:

    I was gutted that I didn’t get tickets to see the Auckland Show. I won’t be so slow next time. Awesome band, awesome sound and awesome look. Great write up.

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