Elephant in the Room – A Poem by Me.

IMG_2693I was given three random words to make a poem out of.
The words were: table, spoon, elephant.

Within twenty minutes I had created a story of sorts… Enjoy!

Elephant in the Room.
By Jodie Hart

If there was ever dirt,
Stuck on the sole of shoes,
I would surely scrape it off,
Or else the mud would brew.

This isn’t scientific.
This isn’t even fact.
But I’ve always known what clean is,
That’s why I just own cats.

One Sunday I couldn’t settle
I couldn’t just sit down
As I saw a strand of hair
Sink down upon the ground

I dropped the spoon I held
On the floor it gleaned
Then I thought “goddamn it, Jo!
That’s another thing to clean!”

I pushed away the table
To scrub the wooden floor
I rubbed and rubbed ’til the cloth was gone
And then I used four more.

Although the hair was gone
I feel it left a scent
So I disinfected and washed some more
It even left a dent.

That didn’t stop me though,
I cleaned right through the wood,
The dirt and soil of the ground
Was anything but good

Soon I got a shovel
The ground was still not clean!
Through the mud and clay and dirt
And guess what I had seen…

White and hard and chalky stuff
It got upon my pants
I dusted away a little more
To find an elephant!

’twas just the bones of course
(There was a lack of shine)
The neighbour soon came over
Said “it is the woolly kind”

So there I sat in a hole
Dirty, rotten gloom,
It’s always awkward knowing there’s
An elephant in the room…


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About Jodie (NZ Film Freak)

I am a journalism graduate (2014) from New Zealand. I enjoy writing on my blog about films and songs, plus the odd random thought. Currently working as a writer in UK. Follow me on Twitter @NZFilmFreak and like my Facebook page NZ Film Freak. Follow my travels around the world www.jodiehart.co.nz
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2 Responses to Elephant in the Room – A Poem by Me.

  1. jackie426 says:

    I’m really enjoying your poems, Jodie. They are fun and make me smile.

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