What Was Yesterday – My Secret Island

This is a song by the German band named My Secret Island. I was going to call them a goth-rock band based upon their latest single: What Was Yesterday because of their zombie-themed music video and heavy guitars.

However, looking through their back catalogue I found a fantastic range of genres including a cover of T. Roe’s Sheila from the 1960s and a more upbeat electro-rock sounding song named Evil Fire.

MY_SECRET_ISLAND_zombie_movie_webWhat Was Yesterday is a rock song with a well done music video portraying a sort of Frankenstein-zombie apocalypse story. It’s awesome to see a band take as much time with their music videos as they do with their songs.

If you isolate each component of this song you will get the essence of this genre mash-up.

The drumming reminds me of sixties rock ‘n’ roll during the verses, but along with the heavy guitars, it becomes a darker sounding goth-rock throughout the chorus. The vocals are definitely has a pop-punk sound which keeps My Secret Island from slipping into being too mainstream or too metal. Which I like!

I haven’t heard anything like them before, yet it sounds so recognisable… They’ve thrown our favourite genres and sounds into a pot, creating a Frankenstein sub-genre (which matches their horror music video perfectly!).

I thoroughly enjoyed this single, and I loved that music video! It’s off beat and fun… Yet dark and intense.

Their Facebook page is here.

Check our their new single, What Was Yesterday below.

You can purchase their music here:
Musicload: http://goo.gl/N43Nz4
Amazon: http://goo.gl/aiqr0O
iTunes: http://goo.gl/BNV4xd


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3 Responses to What Was Yesterday – My Secret Island

  1. jackie426 says:

    I loved this song and your review, Jodie

  2. I agree this video has it all. At first I thought it was going to be really dark and gory but I was pleasantly surprised how catchy and good the song was. The production value was top knotch and the song didn’t seem like every other dark metal song out there. Great job!

  3. Chris says:

    Being a huge fan of the zombie genre, the video sparked my interest immediately. I honestly have never seen anything quite like this. The catchy melody and lyrics, mixed with the quality of the video was awesome! Coming in, I thought it might be to dark and depressing, but not at all. I loved it!

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