Crazy Film Premiere at Cricket World Cup

Crazy Film Premiere at Cricket World CupYeah, this is a weird one!

On Pozible, a film fund raising site, there is a plea for help from a Norwegian cricket team. Their team is failing fantastically and hope to get in contact with a famous cricket player, Sachin Tendulkar, to ask him for his help and expertise.

Crazy Film Premiere at Cricket World CupI don’t know of Sachin Tendulkar. But I hear he’s pretty famous…

If you’re like me and know nothing about cricket, this may not be of interest to you. However, I invite you to watch the plea they have made. It’s quite humorous.

This amateur team wants to raise $25,000 (USD) for flights to Adelaide where Sachin Tendulkar will hopefully be playing. They plan to present him with a ‘love letter’ in film form to ask for his help and support.

Why does this matter? Well. I think the fact that the failing cricket players have so much passion for the game, practising in the snow and darkness, is enough to realise they deserve the support.

Currently at almost $11,500, they have eight days left to raise the remaining $13,500.

If you want to find out more, go here.



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