Invert – Origin Of The Telepathic Hero

Invert - Origin Of The Telepathic HeroThis is a sci-fi, action, superhero film that is looking for funding.

This movie is about a neuroscientist whose experiment backfired, and equipped him with the ability to manipulate minds.

An action-packed feature with Inception-esk scores. I have now noticed that the director/writer, Joseph Mbah, is a fan of Christopher Nolan which explains that similarity.

I’m impressed to see how young the director is – only 24!!

Invert - Origin Of The Telepathic HeroIn order for the feature film to be completed, they need $250,000USD. Depending on how much an individual donates, depends on what prize you get – and some of the prizes are pretty decent!

I think the quality of this film is up there, and it could be a strong movie with the financial support.

I’m a superhero nut too, so I’m keen to see how this one turns out.

If you want to donate to the making of their film on Indiegogo, click here. Check out the footage they’ve got so far in their promo here.


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