Julie & Julia

Julie and Julia film posterDirector: Nora Ephron
Writer: Julie Powell, Julia Child and Alex Prud’homme. Screenplay by Nora Ephron
Released: August 2009
Starring: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci, Chris Messina, Linda Emond and Jane Lynch

I can NOT believe I haven’t reviewed this! I was so certain I had because this movie was the inspiration behind me starting this very blog!

Julie and Julia film - scene with Meryl StreepSo! Julie & Julia, it is a typical rom-com drama, with a twist! The twist being the gorgeous, wonderful, classic Meryl Streep.

It follows two story lines – both of them based on true stories:

One is about Julia Child (Meryl Streep), an American living in France during the 40s. (That means trilling accents and beautiful dresses). She is struggling to adapt to French culture, so we follow how her love of food provided a comfort, and her plans to write a cookbook.

The second story is of Julie Powell (Amy Adams) in the modern day, a government worker by day who starts a cooking blog as an outlet. She uses Child’s cookbook as a guide: 524 recipes in 365 days.

(But if you look hard enough, you’ll find edits of Julie & Julia online without Julie Powell’s storyline at all!)

The intertwining stories mirror each other. Despite being worlds apart, Julie and Julia have much in common. Their love of food, and their journeys to become ‘unlost’ is the main point. However, their strong, supportive husbands is the other. (Julia’s husband Paul is played by the wonderful Stanley Tucci. I love him.)

My favourite person is Meryl Streep’s character. I’d love to have her as a best friend. She is so forgiving, embracing, loud, positive and reminds me of Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddle-Duck.

And what a gorgeously charasmatic person Julia Child really was! Meryl Streep impersonated her perfectly!

Julia makes me titter to the point of chortling in this movie. The way she speaks is like she’s stretching and kneading her words on her tongue. Goodness! I’m a poet.

Julia’s sister: From the beginning, you just don’t fit in. Literally. So then you don’t!

Now, I am not a foodie. I don’t enjoy food. I don’t look forward to meals. I don’t like cooking… I eat toasted sandwiches. Julie and Julia - scene with Meryl Streep and Stanley TucciAnd microwavable things. So, the fact that this is a story about cooking is not attractive to me.

I hate how noisy this film is. Every smack of their lips, every slurp and slap. It makes me cringe. Nevertheless, after every viewing I become starving, and crave things my eight-year-strong vegetarian diet strongly forbids.

Paul: What is it that you really like to do?
Julia: Eat. It’s what I like to do!
Paul: I know, I know, I know. And you’re so good at it! Look at you!
Julia: I am good at it… I’m growing right in front of you!

But ultimately, I love this movie. I love the relationship of Julia and Paul Child, and Julie’s courage to not only begin a blog, but to stick with it.

I think it’s the lovable characters and inspirational passion that I love about this film.

Jodie’s rating: 7/10

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I am a journalism graduate (2014) from New Zealand. Currently working in marketing, and writing fiction in my spare time. I love to write about movies on this blog when I can. I also do paid reviews and voiceovers via Fiverr (nzfilmfreak).
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