Back to the Future’s Prediction of 2015

Flux capacitor in Back to the Future movie 2015My fellow time travellers and time travel enthusiasts! ’tis 2015 – the year that Back to the Future 2 predicted and depicted!

Before I begin, I would like to make it clear, in the defence of Back to the Future‘s creators, that the 2015 shown is merely a possible future. In the same film, we see how easily it can be changed. Therefore, perhaps their prediction is totally accurate, just not the reality that came to be.

Now, I know there are many angry fans who are aware of the lack of hover boards and flying cars. But don’t get fangry. I’m sure we’ll get what we were promised. One day.

In the movie, they showed October 21st, 2015. So we do still have some time up our sleeves to make all our dreams come true. But let’s see how accurate they have been so far…

They got these right:

Glasses in Back to the Future moviePhones in our glasses
We have Google Glass.

Just as Marty ordered a Pepsi at the cafe via a screen, we have self-service check-outs in many of our supermarkets.
(Axing minimum wage jobs for your convenience.)

Voice-activated devices
We have voice activated phones and Xboxes.

Thumb print plates
They exist. No jokes. I wouldn’t be surprised if they catch on to residential use soon.

Video call in Back to the Future movieVideo calling
We have Skype. Also, I noticed that, like Facebook, the video call showed details of the caller including their likes and dislikes.

I’m not sure what they are called in the movie, but they are seen documenting Griff’s hover board crash. Today the police force use drones, at least in the US.

Home automation systems
They are actually here. You can link the system to your smart tablet, meaning you can adjust the temperature and turn on devices remotely – even from work. Voice controlled systems are also available.

Holographic shark in Back to the Future movie3d holographic adverts
Now, this one is on the fence for me. We have been able to create Michael Jackson as a hologram on stage, but what about an almost interactive one in broad daylight… What do you reckon?

Although, I feel like we’ll still be waiting a few more years for these developments:

Hoverboards in Back to the Future movieHover boards
Man, I am so bummed-out about this. I have seen a spoof featuring Tony Hawk, despite fooling many (including me), it is in fact fake. Hover boards do not exist, bar a magnetic one that hovers a few inches for 7 minutes, but obviously confined to metal floors.

Flying cars
I reckon the Google driverless cars will replace the automobile of today before we even begin to think about making them fly. Like in I, Robot.

Garden Center in Back to the Future movieGardens in the kitchen
Smart idea! Keeping fruit and vegies ripe by growing them in a machine above the dinner table.

Auto-serving Pepsi
Beverages rising from the centre of the table on command. I’m not sure if I really see this coming any time soon… What’s the benefit?

Exercise bikes in Back to the Future movieCycling while eating
We’re way too lazy to be doing this sort of shenanigans.

Hydrating pizza machine
In goes the small, dehydrated pizza, and within seconds, out comes a big, juicy hydrated one. I know everyone is praying for this to arrive. One day, folks. One day. Although, we are 3d printing food. So, perhaps we’re not far off at all.

Weather service
Controllable weather. Despite theories that a US army funded project, HAARP, was capable of moifying weather patterns, this is not something that is openly a part of 2015.

Lawyers are abolished
A corrupt government that removed power and justice from the people? Or getting rid of one of the least trusted occupations?

Drones in Back to the Future movieSelf-walking dog leads
This has to be a thing one day. Most people want a dog, not everyone wants to exercise them in all weather. In fact, it’s probably a drone. So you could say this has basically been invented..?

Moving rubbish bins
A handy invention!

Some things have accurately remained the same:

Despite most of us reading news online, and despite the physical paper’s decrease in thickness, newspapers still exist. Specifically USA Today, which was shown in the film.

You're fired - Back to the Future movieFax machines
We certainly don’t rely on fax machines as much as the film thought we would. But they are still in operation, nevertheless.

Owning pets. We haven’t been put off by the cost, stained carpets or aggravation they bring..

As a side-note, here are the fashion trends in the film that will probably only ever be replicated at sci-fi themed dress-up parties:

Back to the Future film - 2015 predictionInside-out pants
Self-adjusting jackets
Self-drying vests
Self-lacing shoes
I lie! Nike is developing these shoes as I type! Transparent ties
Weird hats
Vests that make sound effects
Wearing two ties at once

However, wearing colourful, high-waisted skirts with cropped tops are in, as predicted.

Despite this over-analysis and nit-picking, I love Back to the Future. It is my favourite trilogy. I hope more time-travel themed movies continue to be made, to ensure the continuation of fangry sci-fi fans, and blog posts like this one.

Let me know your thoughts!


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I am a journalism graduate (2014) from New Zealand. Currently working in marketing, and writing fiction in my spare time. I love to write about movies on this blog when I can. I also do paid reviews and voiceovers via Fiverr (nzfilmfreak).
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2 Responses to Back to the Future’s Prediction of 2015

  1. jackie426 says:

    Thanks for the great review, Jodie. This is one fan that’s not FANGRY!

  2. Steve says:

    This is by far the most comprehensive hits and misses review of the technology and trends shown in Back to the future 2. Well done.

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