ANOTHER King Kong Movie… Ugh!

Old King Kong filmWe’ve had so many Kong movies, and now they want another!

  • It began in America in 1933: King Kong
  • Nine months later came the little-known sequel: The Son of Kong
  • A Japanese remake called Kong vs Godzilla in 1962
  • Another Japanese remake, King Kong Escapes, released in 1968
  • Then another American remake, King Kong, in 1976.
  • Queen Kong was a British spoof that encountered legal problems in 1976 (resulting in a limited release).
  • King Kong Lives was made in 1986
  • The Mighty Kong was a straight-to-video animation in  1998
  • I assumed Peter Jackson’s remake in 2005 would put an end to it. It was certainly long enough!

But good Lord, here comes another. Kong: Skull Island is expected to hit screens in early 2017, with stars such as the glorious J.K. Simmons and Tom Hiddleson confirmed to be a part of it, with potentially Michael Keaton too.

It’s to be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who, after checking wikipedia, hasn’t done a huge amount of directing. The film he’s suposed to be known for is a Sundance film called The Kings of Summer.

Another King Kong movie - No! gif


Are they trying to compete with Planet of the Apes? That’s been remade and/or sequelled eight times since 1968 – with a ninth (a sequel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) also reaching cinemas in 2017!!

Is this really necessary?? What’s this obsession we have?

No, I say. No!

Edit in March 2018: News flash! Godzilla vs. Kong is expected to be released in 2020. God help us all.


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