Pokey LaFarge Comes Back to Town

Pokey LaFarge comes to New ZealandIt seems I didn’t scare them off!

You may remember my hypo blog post this time last year… Here’s another:

Pokey LaFarge returns to Auckland! It was grand. This time, promoting their brand new albumĀ Something In the Water, which was released in New Zealand on the night – well before the official April 7 release date.

A lot has changed with their sound, still keeping their fantastic ragtime/blues genre and tempo, but with an extra player added to the team: Matt the drummer! It was amazing. It was a loud and energetic atmosphere to say the least with the lead singer, Pokey, making the crowd laugh in between songs.

Chloe the spectacular sax/clarinet player did a duet with Pokey on a couple of songs which was so, so cool! I loved it!

I will restrain my inner fan this year and not write a mile-long post, but it was a fantastic show that sold out much earlier than last year – so lucky I was on the guest list! Yes, this band treats their psycho fans rather well.

I can’t wait to buy their album (I didn’t bring cash on the night to buy one! What an amateur mistake on my behalf.)

Check out their latest single:

Thanks to the 7-piece Pokey LaFarge band.




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  1. jackie426 says:

    Lovely photo, Jodie

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