Goldfish (short film)

Goldfish short film reviewDirector: Dale Driver
Writer: Dale Driver
Starring: Lindsay Bennett, Stephen Fawkes, Aimee Branson

The first thing I noticed about this nine minute film was the sound. It’s incredible how simple effects, such as the overlapping of sound between scenes can make such a huge impact.

The score during the credits fits the mood perfectly. The sound and original score is by Tony Agar.

Goldfish short film reviewThis is a story about a child, Rosie (Aimee Branson), who in basic terms has Alzheimer’s disease. The mother, Anna (Lindsay Bennett), has a choice: To enjoy the final 18 months with her daughter, or have a procedure that allows Rosie to survive, but with a 99 percent chance of her having no existing memories remain.

‘Delete her life’ – she dies either way.

The second thing I noticed was how believable the actors were. I especially thought the doctor, Stephen Fawkes, was convincing.

A short, simple film that is layered and told in a powerful way.

I thoroughly enjoyed Goldfish – well done to the small cast and crew involved! I think the hardest part is to stay within one’s means when making films. But with three characters and almost as many scenes, they managed to send a strong message without going too broad.

Goldfish short film reviewBut I think this is a heart-warming, yet tragic story. The harsh lighting, score and believable acting certainly carries the emotions across.

I’m fascinated by memory – which is why Inception and Inside Out are two of my favourite films. Goldfish is definitely worth checking out!


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