15 Minutes of Fame – Belle Vex

Belle Vax 15 minutes of fame cover song review

I don’t really listen to pop music. But I’m pretty sure Belle Vex sounds similar to how I would imagine One Direction and the Johnson Brothers… Oh wait, that’s not right… Jonas Brothers, rather, would sound.

Belle Vex‘s (AKA Beautiful Curse) sound is typical of the genre – nasally vocals with a frantic electronic vibe – which is popular these days. His music would likely be a hit in the nightclubs with today’s youth, especially if remixed.

In terms of song content, I was expecting Belle Vex to be similar to the generic puppy-love songs by today’s boy bands – something that comedian/musician Bo Burnham has made fun of:

“So I describe my dream girl as really, really vague, like:
I love your hands because your fingerprints are like no other,
I love your eyes and their blueish-brownish-greenish colour,
I love that when you smile, how you smile wide,
And I love how your torso has an arm on either side…”
– Bo Burnham on the generic boy band pop song

Belle Vax 15 minutes of fameBut after listening to much of the album 15 Seconds of Fame, I found a couple of songs that were a bit below the belt – no pun intended… Like Escort Girl – a literal explanation of a night spent with an escort.

It’s not for the rest of your life, just tonight. Come on in.
– Escort Girl, Belle Vex

In fact, it’s pretty degrading. Is this girl being coerced or convinced to carry on being an escort?

The intro to the album, also called 15 Seconds of Fame, is where the story begins, however.

Wanna know what she does for the money?
This lovely little honey turns into a piece of filth.
…she met the devil in a nightclub, and sure enough, he said:
‘I can make you a star, if you take your clothes off’
– 15 Minutes of Fame, Belle Vex

Their isn’t much creativity to his story-telling, with most being rather literal to say the least. But, in terms of the tune, it’s catchy, and in terms of production, the value is high.

Belle Vex clearly has talent. So I’m hoping it’s not going to be wasted on low-grade lyrics that are perhaps not suitable for young One Directioners or Beliebers to listen to at Christmas after all.

Despite my critical review, Belle Vex certainly has a loyal following with more that 3,000 likes on Facebook and more than 3,000 followers on Twitter.

Check out Belle Vex‘s music on iTunes and check out his website here.


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