Rebirth (web series)

Rebirth web series review

Director: Kristopher Stoltz
Writer: Kristopher Stoltz
Production company: Non-Human Films

Rebirth is a horror web series that follows a group of survivors who are being hunted by a faceless enemy.

The editing is snappy and the lighting is well done in the dimness of the shots. Almost in the style of The Blair Witch Project – or any of the other ‘home movie’ style paranormal horrors of late – the shaky camera work and point of view shots work well in the series.

The creepy sound effects were what really got me on edge, though. The screechy sounds actually made me jump in the first episode.

The actual storyline, however, is a tad ambiguous. Perhaps a shot to set the scene, or a few words before the episode commences would help put the story and characters into perspective.

The voiceover, although helpful, does sound like the beginning of a comedy/drama.. “In a world…”, which doesn’t completely keep you in the zone of a horror.

Despite these little things I would tweek, Rebirth is a short and snappy creepy horror, with great sound effects and editing. The feel of this web series reminds me of Slenderman, a point of view computer game where the player has to avoid a faceless creeper in the woods.

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