Top 5: On-Screen Lovers Who Disliked Each Other Off-Screen

After finding out that Kathleen Turner and Nicholas Cage weren’t the best of friends in Peggy Sue Got Married, I decided to find out what other on-screen romances were less than genuine. Apparently there are a few!

It’s a shame that our favourite on-screen couples turn out to be played by people who strongly dislike one another. But from their point of view, what an awful situation to be in! It’s hard enough working with annoying or difficult people, but imagine having to pretend to be in love with them. Ugh. I guess that’s why actors are paid so much.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
as Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton in The Notebook (2004)
Arguably the most romantic film out there. (I would personally argue against this.) But according to the director, Nick Cassavetes, these lovebirds got into a massive argument on set. Ryan Gosling even asking the director to get a different actress to read Rachel McAdam’s lines off camera. But apparently once the two hashed it out, they got on with it. Then later started dating. Hollywood, eh!


Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
as Christian Grey and Ana Steele in 50 Shade of Grey (2015)
A raunchy romance (which I can honestly say I have not watched or read) with this erotic pair was reportedly not a very convincing one. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s lack of authenticity resulted in multiple retakes, and off-screen they are apparently very cold toward each other.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes
 as Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet in Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Allegedly these star-crossed lovers were anything but. Although if true, I’m not entirely surprised. Claire Danes – 16-years-old at the time – apparently simply got fed up with 22-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio, who was constantly playing pranks on set. Seems like a bit of a playground spat to me.


Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey
as Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman in Dirty Dancing (1987)
Dirty Dancing is a favourite for many (although, not mine). While the on-screen romance seemed authentic, apparently Patrick Swayze got fed up with Jennifer Grey’s ‘silly moods‘, and Grey needed convincing to work with Swayze again. (They had worked together before, and didn’t like each other much then either.)


Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts
 as Peter Brackett and Sabrina Peterson in I Love Trouble (1994)
I haven’t heard of this film before, actually. But the lack of on-screen chemistry between Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts is apparently obvious. They clashed on set, resulting in many scenes being filmed separately. Allegedly, Roberts called Nolte ‘disgusting’, and Nolte said Roberts is ‘not a nice person’, and they have never made-up.

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