Top 5: Worst Wedding Films


Here is the sequel to my first post, Top 10 Best Wedding Films.

This post only has five films because it was torture watching them all and I simply couldn’t continue with it. But I could imagine that License to Wed, The Big Wedding, Made of Honor and numerous other cheap Hollywood flops would be on this list if I had the strength to watch them.

So here are a few to avoid because of either their lack of entertainment or because they bring your worst wedding nightmares to life:

wedding film1.jpgFather of the Bride
This film is not recommended as it’s likely to be your worst nightmare too. From the perspective of a soon-to-be bride, Father of the Bride becomes a terrifying movie. As parents of the bride, George (Steve Martin) and his wife Nina (Dianne Keaton) pay for the entire wedding, but the cost of 500+ guests threatens debt and money troubles for the modest Banks family. I hate the thought of taking advantage of my parents like this. The final scene is heartbreaking too.


weddingfilms2.jpgRunaway Bride
Not only is Julia Roberts’s character Maggie highly unlikable, it’s also a repeatable storyline that feels like it’s never going to end. It’s boring, slow and feels like the story is on a loop: she gets engaged, plans a wedding, gets to the aisle and runs. She gets engaged, plans a wedding, gets to the aisle and runs… This happens six times. It’s exhausting.


weddingfilms13.jpgI Give it a Year (2013)
I wouldn’t recommend seeing this film if you’re about to get married because it’s essentially about a couple who realise they made a mistake marrying each other. After they try to make it work, they soon cheat on each other. I Give it a Year keeps it light and funny despite the themes of temptation and regret. Nevertheless, it was a bit of a downer.



weddingfilms5.jpgFour Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
While I always said ‘I don’t like this movie’, it wasn’t until I watched it recently that I realised I’d never seen it before in my life – I was confusing it with Death at a Funeral. Nevertheless, while I appreciate Four Weddings and a Funeral is a favourite among many, I can confidently confirm that I do not like this film either. It is so boring. It’s pointless. There are too many characters. Hugh Grant’s character has a crush on Andie MacDowell’s character who has slept with half the world’s population, which she brags about and consequently makes her unlikable. There are so many things I don’t like about this film and for once, Hugh Grant is the least of them.


weddingfilms4.jpgThe Five-Year Engagement
This was the worst film I have seen in so long. I’m so disappointed because I adore Emily Blunt. But it was so depressing. It was about a couple, Tom and Violet (Jason Segel and Emily Blunt) who both had opportunities to pursue their dream careers at opposite ends of the country. Tom gives up his career and moves from San Francisco to Boston for his fiancee, but he soon resents her for it. As if that’s not horrible enough, they both cheat on each other and break up. Brilliant. Just what you want to watch before your big day.


Now you know what wedding films not to see, here are the wedding films that you should: Top 10: Best Wedding Films. Don’t forget that Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding is this Saturday (19 May)!

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