One Hot Summer – Kat French


Writer: Kat French
Genre: Romance
Released: 2016
Blurb: Alice McBride’s husband Brad is super famous, totally gorgeous… and having an affair with his co-star. And now it’s splashed across all the newspapers. After kicking Brad out, Alice decides to rent out her beloved home for the summer, but the last person she expects to arrive at Borne Manor is a sexy cowboy called Robinson. Country music star Robinson has had his own share of heartache, and he’s come to Borne Manor to escape from it all. Neither Alice nor Robinson are looking for romance, but the spark between them can’t be ignored. Could a holiday romance help heal their broken hearts? And what will happen when their long hot summer together comes to an end?

I’m no longer ashamed! I will read the books I enjoy, and I enjoy a cheesey romance.

I haven’t heard of Kat French before, but the gist of the theme sort of reminded me of Nora Roberts’ books (of which I’ve read one: The MacGregor Brides – review coming soon!).

I love how this book is set in an old English village. Alice lives in a manor and her best friends live in the smaller dwellings that she owns next door. It’s the perfect life.

But straight off the bat we are in the depths of a scandal! Alice is staring at her husband’s pictures splashed over the front pages of the newspapers: he’s banging his super hot co-star, and this is how Alice finds out.

Now, I was hoping she would live out everyone’s fantasy of slamming doors and throwing frozen Mars Bars at the unfaithful man’s head, but I guess this book is realistic in that way. Alice, in a state of shock, calmly shows him the door despite his pleading.

Her best friends are eccentric and quite funny, who help Alice get back on her feet. They are unrealistically supportive and attentive, but having such close friends who would jump in front of a bus for you is a warm and cozy idea to flirt with in this book.

Due to money issues, Alice has to rent the manor out while she stays in an old RV in the garden, and guess who becomes her tenant… A gentlemanly King of Leon-esk country singer named Robinson. He’s a brilliantly talented musician with a sultry southern accent, chiselled features, rock-hard abs and he love kids and animals. He too is nursing a broken heart, so what could possibly happen when a beautiful single man moves into the beautiful house of a beautiful single woman?

Apart from the fact that it includes a horse, my favourite thing about this book is that nothing really bad happens. It’s just a nice story about falling in love and the bumps along the way. It is such an easy read.

While I am usually up for a MASSIVE scandal with lots of heartbreak and backstabbing and bitchiness, sometimes it’s good to kick the summer off with a sizzling hot romance – no strings attached, no negativity.

It’s hard to not feel happy reading this book. It’s the perfect pick-me-up.

Jodie’s rating: 7/10

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