Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore – Marlon Williams ft. Aldous Harding

marlon williams

After recently discovering the Kiwi brilliance that is Aldous Harding, I soon stumbled across this duet with another Kiwi icon, Marlon Williams.

Isn’t is strange, impossible to claim your reward,
I cannot explain, emotions I can barely afford to contain,
You’re the same, you hide away from anything that turns you on,
Nobody gets what they want anymore.

It’s a highly melancholy song, sung in a tone of despair. But it’s so dreamy and relaxing to listen to.

No words, only scream, could possibly protect you, you know what it means,
Two is the charm, a place therein around us and pray and pray,
And saying the name there is no blame, there is no shame, and even more,
Nobody gets what they want anymore.

There’s no animosity in the song, it just sounds like pure surrender to a really bad
situation. I think it’s a break up song:

What am I going to do when you’re in trouble,
And you don’t call out for me?
What am I going to do when I can see that you’ve been crying,
And you don’t want no help from me?
Baby, I can’t separate us out anymore.

It sounds like Marlon Williams is saying: ‘Something really terrible has happened but there’s nothing I can do about it. And that’s that.’

I love Aldous Harding. She’s the perfect choice for this song – it’s not as powerful when Marlon Williams sings it by himself in live performances.

Nevertheless, Marlon’s almost classical voice is faultless, and Aldous’s alternative style is perfect.

The music video to accompany this song is quite tongue-in-cheek (below), which I like. Marlon plays a waiter who keeps getting the orders wrong and ‘nobody gets what they want’.


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