Down Down Down to the Wishing Well – Leafy Satori Risk

Leafy Satori Risk down down down

I have reviewed a Leafy Satori Risk song before called Cherry Blossom Trees. This song, Down Down Down to the Wishing Well, is of a similar genre – sort of folk meets electro/psychedelic.

Although, the band refer to their genre as ‘dream pop’, which is a great way of describing their sound.

The singer/songwriters Iris and Karl of Leafy Satori Risk both hail from Vienna, but have settled in France, Berlin, New Mexico and then finally in Los Angles. However, their hearts are forever in Tokyo where they spend two months of every year, and where many of their live shows are performed.

Both artists are creative by nature, both working in the film industry when they’re not performing in their band: Iris Karina is an actress and Karl Lohninger is a sound mixer and sound designer.

This new song of theirs takes a few unexpected turns in terms of its sound and tempo before reaching the chorus. The chorus (down, down down, to the wishing well”) strongly echoes the Johnny Cash song ‘Ring of Fire‘ (“I fell down down down, and the flames went higher”) and I wonder if that chorus was used as inspiration for this Leafy Satori Risk.

The ethereal vocals against the electric guitar, which acts as the rhythmic heart to the song works well with the haunting accordion.

As always, the lyrics are written with layered meaning. You can read into the song as much or as little as you’d want.

Why don’t you stay with me
Why can’t I stay awake
Why can’t I fall asleep?
Why can’t we fall in love?

If you enjoy folk/indie with a twist, then you should give this a listen:


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