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Pitch Perfect

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Okay, this movie was actually pretty funny! I felt like I needed to suppress my laughing fits so that nobody thought I had such a weird sense of humour – which this movie kind of does.

I really enjoyed it – perhaps more than I would care to let on since it is just a chick flick… But not your typical “boy gets girl”, “random dudes stripping off”, “getting drunk and hooking up”… Okay, well that’s a lie, there was all of the above, but the movie tended to make fun of these stereotypical characteristics of the genre, which set it a part.
Also, the fact that it certainly focussed on the music more than anything – you should see the list of songs in the credits! Plus, I liked how Pitch Perfect had… Continue reading

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Million Dollar Baby

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I have heard references to this movie within multiple movies (Pitch Perfect in particular), but had never bothered watching it. From the outside, I figured it’s just a violent, shallow and dark tale of a female boxer. So I never showed much interest before I was leant the movie, so I thought I should give it a go… Continue reading

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Flo-Rida & Ke$ha – Right Round (†∆$ Remix)

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Flo-Rida’s cover of Dead or Alive’s 1980 dance-floor filler You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), was pretty good – a modern take on a high energy crowd-pleaser. Flo-Rida’s version was a new take on this club classic.

The original was featured on the fun ’80s-based film, The Wedding Singer, and the cover featured on Pitch Perfect. (Both versions were very well utilised in these comedies.)

But Thomas Sturges’ remix of what was a fantastic rendition of a great song, and has put a whole new spin on it.

His dub-step / club version has taken the song in a different direction. His remix of Flo-Rida’s track should be released by the singer’s label. Yes, it’s that good. I reckon it’s much better than Flo-Rida’s version.

Thomas Sturges has… Continue reading

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Top 5: Lies Films Told Me About University

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Because of my obsessive indulgence in movies, I have found myself to be continually underwhelmed and disappointing at every stage of life. Starting high school, turning 16, first party, turning 18 and, the biggest disappointment of all: going to university.

Of course, American schools are totally different to the likes of New Zealand schools. But these movies certainly raised my expectations… Continue reading

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Sayonara, 2014!

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Three years of blogging on NZ Film Freak. Not a bad achievement!

I have completed my Bachelor of Communications degree, majoring in journalism, which has led me to amazing opportunities such as working for a community newspaper, and a legit film reviewing site called Flicks.

I have rediscovered my love for photography, and creative writing – not sure if you’ve read my poems on my site… They get a wee bit crazy pretty quickly.

I’ve also found a previously unexplored knack of mine doing voice overs. My voice is being played on podcasts and indie radio stations all around the world! Very exciting…

Enough of me, though!

2014 has brought us a lot of animated films, and a few more epics like last year! But ultimately, it’s a mixed bag… Continue reading

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I was put off of seeing this movie when it first came out because it just looked like The Hangover – but the female version. However, after seeing a few scenes of it over the last couple of years, I decided to buy it in the sales.
And boy am I glad! I haven’t laughed this hard in ages! It is a truly hilarious journey that these wacky characters go through – any one of them could have been the leading lady.

Nothing is going well for Annie (Kristen Wigg). Her bakery closed down due to the recession, she’s in her mid-30s and a hopeless spinster. Thankfully she still has her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), though…
Continue reading

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Easy A

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This is quite a different version to the typical high school chick flick that drowns the market. Easy A is about how rumours can make or break your reputation, as well as who your friends really are. But also how you can take insults and use them to your advantage.

It has a pretty funny script with some catchy insults from the witty and very sarcastic Olive (Emma Stone). Her best come backs are usually toward the “Jesus Freak”, Marianne (Amanda Bynes), who was responsible for spreading the original rumour about Olive losing her virginity… Continue reading

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Goodbye, 2012!

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Another year is over! I have seen some pretty spectacular movies this year and I have been happy to give my stamp of approval to them. I have also come across my fair share of some pretty disastrous films that I have rated accordingly.

As of today, the NZ Film Freak website has accommodated more than 45,250 viewers from all over the world (particularly America, so thank you to you guys!) – which is a lot more than I ever expected would take notice of my blog.

So as a tribute, here’s the low-down of almost 60 movies that I have watched and rated throughout the year of 2012. There are some amazing films along with some rather tragic ones. I have devised a genius rating system out of ten that gives an indication of whether it’s worth watching or not. Continue reading

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Edward Scissorhands

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You’ll either love it or hate it. I happen to love it.
Tim Burton’s quirky and off centre idea of normalcy is shown in Edward Scissorhands which is about a man who was created by an inventor who died before he could complete him – hence the scissors for hands. Edward finds himself embraced into suburbia which challenges the belief system of the small, gossipy population of the town before everything goes wrong and Edward finds himself in a more confused state than ever… Continue reading

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