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Zhon: The Alien Interviews – “Here’s Zhonny!”

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Zhon: The Alien Interviews is a sci-fi comedy/drama web-series made in Southern Arizona by a group who self-funded the project.

The series is of a man, known as Zhon Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt, who claims to be an extra-terrestrial and has wandered Earth for thousands of years. He tells his story during an interview by the Secret Service.

I have watched the first episode, “Here’s Zhonny!” and I am quite keen to see more!

This genre is right up my alley, since I am into the comedic and dramatic Doctor Who (David Tennant) series. Tapping into an original and creative tangent of the classic sci-fi genre with very eccentric characters! Zhon: The Alien Interviews is certainly one out of the box!

It is an off-beat journey with rather quirky characters. The script is well written with dialogue that is authentic. The use of silence is very well executed! Particularly… Continue reading

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Family Guy (And Other Controversial Cartoons)

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We covered “adult” or R Rated cartoons briefly in my Media Studies class last year, but it has been brought to my attention once again.

I was watching the seventh season of Family Guy – thanks to my brother’s loyal collection of the TV series – and after watching a good few hours worth of episodes, I reached the final disc: “the making of the 100th episode” where Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy) interviews people who have recently watched an episode of Family Guy for the first time… and hated it.

Of course, they did not know that the person who they were complaining to was the creator, and divulged that they were appalled that a cartoon could be so offensive to almost every community… Continue reading

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