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Sealord Spoof of Latest TV Advert

So in case you haven’t seen the latest advert of the New Zealand fishing company, you will find it here:

However, I feel there will be more information about the company in this spoof advert:


Food for thought. Continue reading

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A Great Speech: The Girl Who Silenced the World

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This is so inspirational. This kid deserves a high five and a gold star sticker, for sure.

It’s sad how somebody so young has so much common sense and confidence. It’s rather pathetic that nobody in power is taking action… Continue reading

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Inspired and Distraught

I can’t believe that the rights of protesters are being completely ignored! Actually, what am I saying? Of course I believe it. Violence and exploitation by the few that are powerful over the 99% is rather common today. Continue reading

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Unreported World – “Down & Out”

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This is a short TV documentary from UK’s channel 4 about middle class Americans being evicted from their homes as they have been unable to pay their rent. The incredible part is that many of them hold up jobs, yet the wages are simply too low to sustain a house of their own… Continue reading

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Losing My Faith With Humanity (Part 2)

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Who actually knows what is in the food that we eat? I mean ´╗┐really ´╗┐know what is in it… Because when it comes to animal products, whatever they ingested, we digest too. The worst thing is that we aren’t even told what we are eating. We are eating Genetically Modified crap… Continue reading

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Losing My Faith With Humanity (Part 1)

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I recently watched a documentary named The End of the Line which investigated the rapidly depleting population of fish in our oceans. Tuna, Salmon and most of the other popular fishes that we find in our cheap sushi and local supermarkets.I’m just losing faith in our kind because we have green dollar signs in our eyes and can’t seem to look at anything in the world and appreciate it, unless it’s cut down or burned or modified or over/under produced to accommodate our living style at the time. Continue reading

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Charlie Chaplin – The Greatest Speech

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By Charlie Chaplin in 1940, I bring you the greatest speech ever given.
A speech that was ahead of its time, yet delivers important messages of peace, support and kindness from mankind, to mankind that applies today more than ever.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to be an Emperor, that’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white… Continue reading

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