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Hidden Figures

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This was actually quite a funny film!

I was expecting a super dramatic biopic, but as compelling as the storyline absolutely is, it is intertwined with down-to-Earth humour.

A fantastically inspiring movie based on three real-life black women who worked at NASA in the sixties. It follows their triumphs and successes, despite being completely discriminated against for being black, and for being women… Continue reading

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Top 5: Films Based in the Sixties

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I love the 1960s… I feel like my huge amount of posts regarding this era may have given that away.

So! Here are my top five favourite films set in the 1960s… (Plus the films that didn’t quite make the top five) Continue reading

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American Graffiti

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This movie nearly didn’t get made. Boy, am I glad it was. This is in my top five movies – at least!

American Graffiti is the colourful account of the final night of high school for a group of students who go out cruising, attend ‘the hop’ and hang at the drive-in dina.

It’s not only an incredibly entertaining film, it’s also the most accurate documentation of what the sixties were all about.

This movie makes me upset because it makes me mourn the spectacular sixties. As mentioned in Midnight in Paris, it’s “Golden Age Thinking” – the thought that I’d be happier in another time. And boy does American Graffiti do that; it hits me right in the feels… Continue reading

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I Put a Spell on You – Nina Simone

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I have rediscovered this sixties gem!

It begins like an intro to a James Bond film with the orchestra.

Nina’s voice is so distinctive! It’s like she’s bantering with the absolutely spine-tingling saxophone. It sounds like they’re just jamming.

Her first line is “I put a spell on you” and it sounds like she is bitterly angry with someone… You can so tell from her voice!

Nina has such emotion in her voice. I can totally imagine her just getting all up in some dude’s face and being all like, “And I don’t care if you don’t want me! I’m yours right now!!” *saxophone which gives you shivers*

It is such an emotive song! I’ve got it on repeat at the moment… Really listen to the lyrics, Nina delivers them like she’s really raging at somebody… Continue reading

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