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Till I See You Again – Bunny Sigler

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Dedicated to the US military and America’s uniformed first responders, Till I See You Again could certainly be a moving song for many. Till I see You Again is a recognisable and loyal echo of the 1980’s R&B/soul music sound, that … Continue reading

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Back to the Future’s Prediction of 2015

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My fellow time travellers and time travel enthusiasts! ’tis 2015 – the year that Back to the Future 2 predicted and depicted!

Before I begin, I would like to make it clear, in the defence of Back to the Future’s creators, that the 2015 shown is merely a possible future. In the same film, we see how easily it can be changed. Therefore, perhaps their prediction is totally accurate, just not the reality that came to be.

I shall bend your minds. And you will like it.

Now, I know there are many angry fans who are aware of the lack of hover boards and flying cars. But don’t get fangry. I’m sure we’ll get what we were promised. One day.

In the movie, they showed October 21st, 2015. So we do still have some time up our sleeves to make all our dreams come true. But let’s see how accurate they have been so far… Continue reading

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Love 80s Music? – “ThePleasureDome.co”

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Hey guys!

I love music as well as movies, so I would like to share a site that I have discovered with you.

It offers a convincing throw back to the 1980s era. Great 80s hits played in the format of a radio show that you can listen to in the background while working.

Check it out at: thepleasuredome.co

Where it’s summer all year long!

Hope you enjoy it!

Jodie. Continue reading

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Two Little Boys

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I am so disturbed! Okay, I know it was a black comedy, but where was the comedy?

It was about Deano (Hamish Blake) who showed his ability to dispose of the man that his friend, Nige (Brett McKenzie) accidentally killed. They both go on a wild adventure to dispose of the body, eventually Deano decides to cut the body up… Continue reading

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The Wedding Singer

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This film is the eighties equivalent of the sixties-based The Boat That Rocked, so yes, it is very funny and has an awesome soundtrack!!

Adam Sandler plays Robbie Hart the wedding singer who is very talented and loves his job until he loses faith in love. “Love Stinks” is probably the most memorable song in the entire movie which is covered by Sandler who has a surprisingly good voice!… Continue reading

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The Lost Boys

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Want to see a real vampire film? This ain’t no glitter-in-the-sunshine crapola! This is the real deal of blood-sucking beasts who aren’t bad on the eye and have traditional vampire qualities.

It isn’t a full-out horror though. More of a black comedy similar to Shaun of the Dead in style. It includes the good lookin’ Kiefer Sutherland in his younger days (if you don’t like vampires, you will after seeing Kiefer). Plus my favourite Dianne Weist who plays the mother of a comic book enthusiast (turned vampire hunter), and his brother (turned vampire). Talk about family feuds!… Continue reading

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