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My Favourite Scene: Saving Private Ryan

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I had first heard of Edith Piaf when I saw Inception (Non, je ne regrette rien). She is a famous French singer from the twenties through to the sixties, and I adore her music.

Since learning about her songs, this scene in Saving Private Ryan jumped out at me. It is a bonding scene between the soldiers that begins with a conversation about Piaf’s song, like most of my other favourite scenes, it’s a slower paced and one of the quieter moments of the movie.

I just really enjoy one of the more sensitive soldiers translating the song to the others.

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The Horse Whisperer

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I am a sucker for any great horse film – such as Black Beauty, but ​​unlike​ War Horse.
And The Horse Whisperer is certainly way up there in terms of lack of soppiness, being accurate in the training and horse terms as well as having a strong sense of realism.

So it begins in the most idyllic farm blanketed in thick snow. Grace (the young Scarlett Johansson) puts her riding boots on and tip toes out of the house. She sees he friend over in the next field… Continue reading

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