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This film is by far one of the creepiest films I’ve seen. It’s not so much scary, but it does put you on edge and makes your skin crawl. I guess, hence the film title.

Jake Gyllenhaal with his goggly, baby-bird eyes and sharp cheek bones, is enough to make you squirm. Let alone the control he has over everyone. It is so captivating.

He lost more than 13kg (30 pounds) to play the ‘literally and figuratively hungry’ character, Lou Bloom. Gyllenhaal id so by running a lot and eating only kale and chewing gum. He said the diet was completely safe and healthy… Continue reading

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Hideaway – Kiesza

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This is such an amazing video!

The choreography is spectacular, the costumes are awesome and the four and a half minute video is all done in one shot. Gorgeous!

My dad actually pointed this out to me because he likes the song (which was written and recorded within an hour and a half), but the video is twice as cool.

Kiesza danced in this despite having a broken rib! She said she couldn’t move for a month after shooting it.

Kiesza’s brother shot the video in Brooklyn, and it was choreographed by Ljuba Castot. It received an MTV Music Award nomination for best choreography.

Check it out! It’s very 90s… Continue reading

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My Favourite Character: Jocelyn

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I’ve reviewed The Jane Austen Book Club, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I did write a short bio of the characters in my review. But I wanted to expand on my favourite character, Jocelyn.

Maria Bello plays Jocelyn.
Jocelyn has never fallen in love, but she says she’s happy with that:

“…alone is not the end of the world. For as many years as you’ve been married I’ve been quite happily unmarried… I mean, I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind falling in love, but it just all seems like fiction to me, anyway.

She’s a dog-breeder, and if you catch onto her mannerisms early enough, you’ll notice she treats men like dogs – she’s strict, short-tempered and dominant with them… Continue reading

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My Favourite Character: Louise Sawyer

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I recently reviewed Thelma and Louise, which is my favourite movie of all time.

Out of the two main characters, I connected with Louise more because I admire her more than Thelma (who is ditsy, and reminds me too much of myself!).

Louise is so sassy. In the bar scene at the beginning of their road trip, I love how she doesn’t even give Harlan (a guy at the bar who is hitting on them) the time of day… Continue reading

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If you loved Gravity and Inception, you’ll love Interstellar.

The time travelling concepts in this movie are easy to grasp if you’re familiar with the sci-fi genre. If you can keep up with Doctor Who, you’ll keep up with this.

It’s set in the future where scientists are aware that crops are failing and the end of the world could be near. NASA is attempting to find another planet so that the human race can continue… Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor (Short Film)

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A short film exploring the dark effects of grief.

We follow a teenage boy, Jonah (Slade Pearce), who has become obsessed with his neighbour. The neighbour (Jaclyn Ferber) is a widow whose husband died in the war. She is grieving and begins to take a liking to Jonah.

Certainly mature subject matter and probably not material I can really relate to.

However, on a technical level, Love Thy Neighbour is fantastically made. The lighting and set design reflects the characters very well…. Continue reading

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It was a great concept, but it was just so weird! It was simply bizarre.

Scarlet Johansson plays the protagonist, Lucy, who is kidnapped and used as a drug mule. The new drug seeps into her system, which enables her to use more and more and more of her brain.

She is able to manipulate everything from pain tolerence to technology. She even pulls some solid Matrix moves.

It would have been a great as a short film… Continue reading

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