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Baby Let Me Go – Smoking Martha

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Stepping away from their more upbeat and rocky music, Baby Let Me Go by Smoking Martha is a soft rock acoustic song with dark undertones on their album In Deep.

Echoing the glamorous style of rock and roll singers from the deep south, surprisingly this band hails from Brisbane’s sunny coastlines.

This is the second song I have reviewed of Smoking Martha’s, and I didn’t even realise because of how different this song is to the last one… Continue reading

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Joshua – Leah Capelle

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Leah Capelle is an emerging band from LA, who has a clean and positive pop sound. Despite the band identifying with being alternative rock/pop, judging by their recent release called Joshua, I found the band’s style to be classic ‘modern country’. They remind … Continue reading

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Pokey LaFarge Comes to Town

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I had the best night of my life so far on Tuesday, March 18.

Pokey LaFarge is a ragtime/jazz band whose sound is like no other. Their thirties-based, feel-good music is absolutely incredible, you can’t help but dance and smile.

I knew about these guys months ago, I heard ‘Hard Times Come, Hard Times Go’ on an advert and looked them up. Although, it was their song ‘Pack It Up’ which got me hooked.

I emailed their manager and asked if they would be coming the New Zealand any time soon, because they are now my favourite band… Continue reading

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