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My Brother Lives in China (Doco)

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Matthiew Klinck follows his brother, David, throughout his day-to-day life in Guangzhou, China. The culture shock is evident, but with a twist.

David is an English language teacher, so not only does the documentary follow the Westerners learning the Chinese culture, but the Chinese students learning the Western culture.

This documentary is upbeat and exciting; a totally different angle on the interaction between Western and Chinese cultures. The environmental hazards, work ethic and business dealings highlights the divide between East and West… Continue reading

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Agophobia (short film)

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This short film is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

There are some small thematic similarities to the likes of The Matrix and Avatar. But this is actually an original, thought-provoking, metaphorical and emotionally-charged representation of what I perceive to be our dependant and warped relationship between nature and technology.

This movie is pretty ambiguous, you can read into it as much or as little as you wish. I’m sure different themes, concepts and interpretations could be picked up by every viewer.

You can’t fault Agophobia. The visuals, the imagery and the graphics are incredible – almost looks 3D.

It’s dark and complex, but ultimately, Agophobia is amazing art, with talented actors, writers, visual effects and camera work.

The music fits very well indeed; supports the film perfectly. Almost like you could close your eyes and still understand the story… Continue reading

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