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This is our Christmas film because it’s set at Christmas time in snowy New York – so magical!

It’s a fantasy romance film about fate, and whether you should act on impulse or allow life to take the wheel. When Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cusack) meet on Christmas Eve by chance, Jonathan falls in love with her straight away, but Sara believes they must leave it to fate… Continue reading

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Top 4: Favourite Festive Films

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You may have noticed I have done this post before. You are correct. This time last year, I gifted you people with a splendid collection of my personal Christmas film favourites. However, I am here to refresh this post with one additional film. Also, this time I’ve included quotes from my cat-loving, film-tolerating brother, who dresses his fur-babies up as Christmas-themed characters… Continue reading

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Arthur Christmas

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Only just came across this animated festive feast. I had ignored it when seeing it in the bargain bin for sometime, but with a ‘buy two get one free’ deal on, I found myself struggling to pick the third and free DVD. Stuck between Alvin and the Chipmunks and Barbie in A Christmas Carol, I reluctantly decided on Arthur Christmas as my free movie…
I got my ticket. I was ready to be a passenger on this one-horse open sleigh ride of festive fun. I was ready to deck the halls with wonder and joy. I was ready to let it snow with good tidings, tinsel and turkey.

It was time to bring Santa back to town… Continue reading

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Top 4: Favourite Christmas Songs

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I’m honestly not a massive fan of festive music. However, here are four (and a half) songs in my December play list… Continue reading

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Top 3: Favourite Festive Films

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The holidays are nigh!

Here in New Zealand there will be no snow. No cold nights indoors by the fire. No hot roast dinners at three in the afternoon. Because it’s summer during December. We have humid tropical rain storms, and barbecues on the deck or on the beach.

It’s horrible.

So! I reminisce about white Christmases and relate to fellow Scrooges and Grinches by watching my top three favourite December flicks.

Because I haven’t reviewed any of these movies before, I’ll create short reviews in this piece… Continue reading

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My Brother Lives in China (Doco)

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Matthiew Klinck follows his brother, David, throughout his day-to-day life in Guangzhou, China. The culture shock is evident, but with a twist.

David is an English language teacher, so not only does the documentary follow the Westerners learning the Chinese culture, but the Chinese students learning the Western culture.

This documentary is upbeat and exciting; a totally different angle on the interaction between Western and Chinese cultures. The environmental hazards, work ethic and business dealings highlights the divide between East and West… Continue reading

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‘Son of a nutcracker’! It’s almost Christmas.

Not only did Elf win the poll, but it is also appropriate as it is the festive season. This is a pretty funny Christmas comedy movie with many hilarious one-liners that have really stuck, even after all these years!

Will Farrell does a great job playing “Buddy the Elf” – the human who was raised by Santa’s elves – who goes on a journey travelling through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops, and then, walks through the Lincoln tunnel to discover New York. This is where he finds… Continue reading

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