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Love the Original Way (short film)

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Judging by the 40-second trailer, Love the Original Way’s plot was difficult to grasp.

Having consulted the Facebook page, I discovered this was a romantic comedy about a recovering alcoholic woman, Sissy, who turns to online dating.

After a few weird dates with various people, the so-called ‘mentally-unstable’ woman finds out that a man she has been messaging is actually in her drug and alcohol rehab class.

The concept seems a bit dark for a comedy, but online dating aspect is probably quite relatable to a young audience… Continue reading

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Love Ain’t A Prize – Donica Knight

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Another country princess makes a pop song.

Despite being a high-production-value song and music video, Love Ain’t a Prize left me feeling like I had heard it all before. The country-pop genre tends to be quite monotonous for me.

This is not a poorly-made song, but the chorus repeats itself, which makes the writing appear lazy.

The style and sound becomes a self-fulfilling stereotype. The classic black-tassel-wearing and silver-studded band members came as no surprise in Donica Knight’s video… Continue reading

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15 Minutes of Fame – Belle Vex

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I don’t really listen to pop music. But I’m pretty sure Belle Vex sounds similar to how I would imagine One Direction and the Johnson Brothers… Oh wait, that’s not right… Jonas Brothers, rather, would sound.

Belle Vex’s (AKA Beautiful Curse) sound is typical of the genre – nasally vocals with a frantic electronic vibe – which is popular these days. His music would likely be a hit in the nightclubs with today’s youth, especially if remixed… Continue reading

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Courting Chaos

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Once a clown, now a director, Alan Clay is a successful homegrown indie filmmaker who has made this film Courting Chaos.

The film is about a girl, Ginger (Rachelle DiMaria), who falls in love with a street clown, Chaos (Alastair Bayardo). But in order for the relationship to work, she has to change. Continue reading

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In the Mood for Love

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Because this movie isn’t in English, I’m just going to do a fat dissection of the visuals… Enjoy!

A story about two married couples who move into an apartment next door from one another. One couple is Chow Mo-wan, a journalist, and his wife. The other is Su Li-zhen, a secretary, and her husband.

Chow and Su both have a spouse who works over-time often, leaving them alone in their rooms most nights. However, their absence slowly brings Chow and Su together, and they speculate over unfaithfulness in their respective spouses… Continue reading

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All In One Creativity Kit (short film)

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How bizarre!

This is a spoof of any infomercial you can think of. It is so well done too – very creative! It perfectly encapsulates the manic bullsh*t that we are exposed to every day – particularly on daytime television.

How they got the idea for this short film, I don’t know! But it’s certainly well done.

It seems like it’s essentially a commercial within itself; advertising a graphic design/filmmaking company. A bit hypocritical, but certainly a fun project nonetheless… Continue reading

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The American Garage (online series)

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The American Garage is an online DIY show about woodwork and restoration. Some of their projects include restoring planes and building boats, as well as more affordable projects that are “at grass roots”.

They are currently looking for $26,200USD to continue their project, and are currently at $110. Episodes have already been produced and can be found on YouTube.

My favourite part is their motto and the reason behind their plea for funding: they want to relieve our reliance on conglomerates for products that could be built or modified at home.

They want people to stop being consumers and return to being producers… Continue reading

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