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High – Shid Latta

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Right. So I’m not used to this genre of music, so admittedly I had to do my research. I listen to 50s and 60s music, so the popular names of the hip hop scene go right over my head a lot of the time (I’m embarrassed to say)!

So! This song that I was asked to reviewed is called High. It is by a rap artist named Shid Latta, and it features Tove Lo and it’s produced by Hippie Sabotage. So this is a remix of a remix basically.

The original Tove Lo song was remixed by Hippie Sabotage into this song (which I think is pretty awesomely done). And Shid Latta recreated it by replacing the versus with his own… Continue reading

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Wild Girl Waltz (Indie film)

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This cast and crew deserve applause!

This is a comedy about the adventures of two girls, Angie (Christina Shipp) and Tara (Samantha Steinmetz), who pop some unknown pills to escape boredom in their small town.

Brian (Jared Stern), Tara’s boyfriend, comes home to find the girls high. Brian ends up ‘babysitting’ them and we follow their crazy and hilarious journey through the town.
The script is actually really genuine and funny. Talking in depth about colours and other irrelevant and random subjects.

Brian provides… Continue reading

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