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My Lonely Me

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A slightly abstract musical about a young woman uncovering mysteries of her childhood.

Reiga (Sabrina Dickens) is a music student suffering from flashbacks and hallucinations, particularly of a little girl. As the movie goes on, it gets darker and even rather creepy.

The little girl is Reiga’s younger self, who helps her uncover family secrets and come to terms with the tragedies of her past that she has mentally blocked out… Continue reading

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Sunshine (short film)

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This is an independent short film by Scottish filmmaker Michael Tracy, who also wrote and produced it.

It’s a horror-drama, which, based on the trailer looks like it could certainly be a thrilling watch.
It is a struggle to make a film independently, so there are a lot of things you can forgive. However, it’s a…
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Pizza Shop

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A “raunchy off-color comedy” is an accurate description of Pizza Shop – a cringe-worthy and slow-paced film.

An hour and a half of blatant toilet humour and crude content, possibly inspired by the fertile imagination of three teenagers. (At least I hope it wasn’t inspired by real life!)

I wanted to enjoy this movie but the set-ups were too long, the characters weren’t likable or relatable, and the camera work was static – or drifted from side to side indecisively on a dolly… Continue reading

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Beer & Seed (Indie film)

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Making a feature-length long film is not easy. The amount of organisation, preparation and dedication put into this independent film, Beer & Seed, does not go unnoticed.

Accomplishing all these things on a budget only makes it more difficult; the cast and crew deserve immense credit.

Beer & Seed is well shot, well lit and well framed. However, the acting is sometimes wooden which lets down the feel of the film somewhat.

Many of the characters are… Continue reading

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Locked (Short Film)

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I wondered what I was going to be watching when I first saw it actually…
This short film is about a man who calls a lock smith to get him out of a compromising situation.

It is tastefully done and leaves most of it to the imagination – making a bigger impact! The clever thing about the film is that it is based in one room with only two characters and no music, yet it still tells a convincing story.

It will be interesting to see the final cut, so that I could comment on the lighting and audio. But certainly a solid effort was put into acting a scripting – a great start… Continue reading

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