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Down Down Down to the Wishing Well – Leafy Satori Risk

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I have reviewed a Leafy Satori Risk song before called Cherry Blossom Trees. This song, Down Down Down to the Wishing Well, is of a similar genre – sort of folk meets electro/psychedelic. Although, the band refer to their genre as ‘dream pop’, which is a great way of describing their sound… Continue reading

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My Lonely Me

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A slightly abstract musical about a young woman uncovering mysteries of her childhood.

Reiga (Sabrina Dickens) is a music student suffering from flashbacks and hallucinations, particularly of a little girl. As the movie goes on, it gets darker and even rather creepy.

The little girl is Reiga’s younger self, who helps her uncover family secrets and come to terms with the tragedies of her past that she has mentally blocked out… Continue reading

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The Louise Log (web series)

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After reading a bit about the background, I found the short-and-sweet episodes to be easily digestible.

It is a popular underground web-series about a New York woman surrounded by ‘crackpot relatives’.

The episode I watched was quirky and weird, but almost to the point of being cringe-worthy. The characters were theatrical and outrageous – certainly made for the stage.

It is, however, created by several accomplished writers, directors and actors, particularly … Continue reading

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Wild Girl Waltz (Indie film)

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This cast and crew deserve applause!

This is a comedy about the adventures of two girls, Angie (Christina Shipp) and Tara (Samantha Steinmetz), who pop some unknown pills to escape boredom in their small town.

Brian (Jared Stern), Tara’s boyfriend, comes home to find the girls high. Brian ends up ‘babysitting’ them and we follow their crazy and hilarious journey through the town.
The script is actually really genuine and funny. Talking in depth about colours and other irrelevant and random subjects.

Brian provides… Continue reading

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Last Night by Claus Zinger

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I was talking to my hairdresser about how tired I am with the monotonous pop songs and icons who are thrown into the spotlight until they’re wrung dry, with their music played relentlessly on the radio. We both mentioned some artists we enjoy who are quite underground in the music scene, who we hoped to hear more from in popular culture.

Any artist who goes out of their way to sound different should be applauded. It is certainly difficult to break away from the mould, and I think along with many other indie/alternative artists, Claus Zinger is doing it… Continue reading

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I Can’t Take It – Tegan and Sara

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This is one of my favourite songs by Canadian twins, Tegan and Sara.

These indie rock singer-song-writers have been around since 1995, now with seven albums. This song is from their fourth album, So Jealous.

I guess my favourite thing about I Can’t Take It, is the pace of the song. As soon as the guitar starts it suddenly makes me feel super relaxed… Continue reading

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Lakehouse – Of Monsters and Men

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Have you heard of this Icelandic band before? Of Monsters and Men are an AMAZING indie/folk band… picked out this song, Lakehouse, because it is my favourite. But you may have heard of their hit single “Little Talks” before or my second favourite song “Mountain Sound”. They are the kind of band who would be incredible live!… Continue reading

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