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Top 10: Actors Who Regretted Their Iconic Roles

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I never considered it before, but some actors genuinely regret roles they have accepted. I guess it’s quite difficult to tell if a film will be good or not when all you have to go on is a black and white script. I suppose there’s a lot of trust involved in accepting a role.

Some of these actors regret the roles because the film was a flop, and some of them resent their character because it made them internationally famous… Continue reading

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James Herman Banning: Greatest Story Never Told (short film)

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On Indiegogo, a group are asking for funding for their short biographic about James Banning; the first African American to fly coast-to-coast.

The makers are looking for $45,000USD to cover costs of filming, they have currently raised almost $4,000. Keeping the wardrobe accurate is going to be difficult as Banning’s story takes place in the thirties.

His story is certainly inspirational. After being rejected from flying (due to being African American) he made his own plane using a 14-year-old engine, with help from donations.

Four months after Banning’s record, he died as a passenger in a plane. He was refused piloting the plane at a air show where it went into a tail spin and crashed… Continue reading

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I’m not a huge James Bond fan, nevertheless I can fully appreciate the epic awesomeness of the 23rd film of the 50 year-long Bond series.

This had it all. Fighting, car chases, scary bad guys and beautiful women. Obviously all of these are the ingredients necessary to make a successful and authentic Bond film.

The lighting is absolutely amazing. It really accents the traditionally spectacular surroundings that are classically chosen for Bond movies. Skyfall was most certainly no different with beautiful Scottish environment where the final fight occurs – Bond fights Silva; ice fights fire – and everything makes a full circle. The storyline was very well… Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows

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Well, it’s all peaches and gravy in this corner. (Unlike NZ’s major film critic, Kate Rodger, with her surprising 2/5 rating) However, I thought this film was a fantastic sequel to the flawless first Sherlock Holmes’ film!

What I liked in particular was the continuity between the two films, unlike the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter series which are all directed by different people each time, subsequently creating very different looks per film. I think that the continuity was mistaken as the Sherlock movies being “exactly the same”, but I strongly disagree as it keeps a regular tone… Continue reading

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