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Cherry Blossom Trees – Leafy Satori Risk

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Cherry Blossom TreesĀ is a lullaby love song to Japan by Leafy Satori Risk. It’s a cool blues/soft jazz song with an echo of folk that blends into a song that evokes a passionate and beautiful Spring romance.

Cherry Blossom Trees is a slow-tempo song about, perhaps, being shrouded in desire and aspiration. Just like the floating petals, the writer’s dreams are beautiful and bold, yet barely tangible. The showers of pink petals summons a scene of a soft, pink-hued world. Maybe we’re looking through rose-tinted glasses… Continue reading

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Pokey LaFarge Comes to Town

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I had the best night of my life so far on Tuesday, March 18.

Pokey LaFarge is a ragtime/jazz band whose sound is like no other. Their thirties-based, feel-good music is absolutely incredible, you can’t help but dance and smile.

I knew about these guys months ago, I heard ‘Hard Times Come, Hard Times Go’ on an advert and looked them up. Although, it was their song ‘Pack It Up’ which got me hooked.

I emailed their manager and asked if they would be coming the New Zealand any time soon, because they are now my favourite band… Continue reading

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I Put a Spell on You – Nina Simone

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I have rediscovered this sixties gem!

It begins like an intro to a James Bond film with the orchestra.

Nina’s voice is so distinctive! It’s like she’s bantering with the absolutely spine-tingling saxophone. It sounds like they’re just jamming.

Her first line is “I put a spell on you” and it sounds like she is bitterly angry with someone… You can so tell from her voice!

Nina has such emotion in her voice. I can totally imagine her just getting all up in some dude’s face and being all like, “And I don’t care if you don’t want me! I’m yours right now!!” *saxophone which gives you shivers*

It is such an emotive song! I’ve got it on repeat at the moment… Really listen to the lyrics, Nina delivers them like she’s really raging at somebody… Continue reading

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Jazz versions of pop songs (The Great Gatsby)

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I am so into the 1920s music and fashion at the moment!

It all began after I watched The Great Gatsby…

The coolest thing about the movie was that they did epic jazz versions of modern pop songs. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra perform the altered versions.

My favourites are… Continue reading

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The Down Home Shake Down! – Big Mama Thornton

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Holy crapolahs peoples! Big Mama is back!! It’s got harmonicas, a beat and a strummin’ bass and it makes you want to get moving. It’s like the flat-footing days of the south have reached our era… And I’m loving it! Continue reading

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