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Top 10: Actors Who Stopped Getting Typecast

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Ricky Gervais loves being typecast, he says that actors should do what they do best and not feel the pressure to play different parts.

However, this is clearly not the view of a lot of actors who seem to be trying to shake their ‘character’. Some have not been successful, such as Jack Black and Adam Sandler, who forever play the School of Rock and Happy Gilmore type casts.

Meanwhile other actors have been successful in breaking free from their typecast, and are in all sorts of films now…. Continue reading

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Top 3: Favourite Festive Films

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The holidays are nigh!

Here in New Zealand there will be no snow. No cold nights indoors by the fire. No hot roast dinners at three in the afternoon. Because it’s summer during December. We have humid tropical rain storms, and barbecues on the deck or on the beach.

It’s horrible.

So! I reminisce about white Christmases and relate to fellow Scrooges and Grinches by watching my top three favourite December flicks.

Because I haven’t reviewed any of these movies before, I’ll create short reviews in this piece… Continue reading

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My Fave Scene: Yes Man

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Yes Man (2008): Talking down a man from jumping

On a comedic turn, this scene jumps out from the otherwise somewhat average comedy as Jim Carrey’s character, Carl, talks down a reluctant suicidal jumper via sing-song. A song called, rather appropriately, “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind (jump to the start of the song at 1.17 in you’d like). Continue reading

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Still one of my favourite movies after multiple viewings! I discovered this film in English class two years ago and (admittedly not actually getting it the first time I watched it) I have loved it since!

This film is thought provoking to say the least… Mind boggling too. (Believe you me, the people who said they got it after the first viewing were either lying or they read the plot on Wikipedia.)

It’s sort of like Inception meets The Matrix, but that’s just because it’s the exploration of a different perspective of life. Continue reading

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