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Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore – Marlon Williams ft. Aldous Harding

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After recently discovering the Kiwi brilliance that is Aldous Harding, I soon stumbled across this duet with another Kiwi icon, Marlon Williams.

It’s a highly melancholy song, sung in a tone of despair. But it’s so dreamy and relaxing to listen to. There’s no animosity in the song, it just sounds like pure surrender to a really bad situation. I think it’s a break up song… Continue reading

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Imagining My Man – Aldous Harding

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A blend of Joanna Newsom’s folk style and Kate Bush’s theatrical tone makes New Zealand’s Aldous Harding.

I had never heard of her before, but apparently one of her songs is on an advert back home at the moment. 

The melody of Imagining My Man makes you melt; the soft keyboard and guitar relaxes you completely… Continue reading

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

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I really needed this film in my life. 

Another Kiwi classic from director Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is about a national manhunt ordered for a rebellious Kiwi kid, Ricky (Julian Dennison), and his foster uncle, Hec (Sam Neill), who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush. A fantastically hilarious and beautiful tribute to everything that is Kiwi… Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Through the Eyes of a Humble Kiwi

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Having finished the vacuuming, dishes and tidying, I found myself sitting in a spotless house – with my one-month-old bachelors degree certificate mocking me on the wall – watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Have. You. Seen. This!

It’s not even a guilty pleasure for me. I marvel at the fact that these people – also rattling around spotless houses mansions – actually exist. It’s like a social study! This is too easy to mock, so I won’t go too mad.

My favourite parts are when they cry. Not because I’m heartless, but because their faces don’t move… Continue reading

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The Interview: Could it Cause the Disappearance of Cinemas?

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The controversial film we’re all waiting for [here in New Zealand and Australia] is of course, The Interview.

I’m sure you’ve heard all about it. Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the politcal satire comedy is causing quite a stir as the basis of the film is about the assassination of Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea.

Having worked in a cinema leading up to the release of The Interview, I came to hear of the general LACK of buzz the film was receiving (before it’s release was postponed).

I heard people say – or maybe I just heard myself say – that it was going to be a typical Rogen film: crude, immature humour identical to that of This is the End, Pineapple Express, 40 Year-Old Virgin… Continue reading

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Lydia – Fur Patrol

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I had no idea this rock band was from New Zealand (Wellington)! So crazy.

I love this song. I remember hearing a lot growing up and recently stumbled across it again. A song about letting go of somebody who has moved on to somebody else.

Am I surprised to see you here with Lydia,
She’s oh so nice and easier to love than I Continue reading

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Two Little Boys

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I am so disturbed! Okay, I know it was a black comedy, but where was the comedy?

It was about Deano (Hamish Blake) who showed his ability to dispose of the man that his friend, Nige (Brett McKenzie) accidentally killed. They both go on a wild adventure to dispose of the body, eventually Deano decides to cut the body up… Continue reading

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